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Oregon/Washington Recreation Activities

The public lands in Oregon and Washington controlled by the market you an abundance of recreation opportunities. Picnic with family and friends in west Oregon one weekend, then discover the remote wildlands eastern of the Cascade mountains the next. To chat settings incorporate evergreen forests; high desert; lava flows; rugged river canyons and also rushing whitewater; sand dunes; seaside headlands, spits, and also estuaries; and cultural settings such as historical trails, ranches, and archeological sites. Hiking, camping, hunting, fishing and boating are simply some the the many tasks to gain on your public lands.

Featured Recreation Areas

Recreation Maps and also Sites

Need maps? Explore hundreds of recreation clues in the Pacific Northwest through these maps make by the in Oregon and also Washington! even if it is you are searching for a camping spot or a trail into wilderness, this album is your ticket! Download the maps you require from Flickr, and also contact our neighborhood offices if you need further information.


Hunting and also Fishing

Oregon and also Washington lands sell unparalleled opportunities for hunting and fishing and also other recreation activities. The bulk of soil are open to hunt, fish, and also engage in shooting sports activities. For present information top top campsites, road conditions, access, and more, check the links below and contact your regional district office.

Explore recreation in Oregon and also Washington with this new series the videos -- spanning all periods in the Pacific Northwest! indigenous the spectacular Steens mountain area that southeastern Oregon to the cherished-by-all san Juan Islands national Monument in northwest Washington state, windy lands carry out every sort of outdoor recreation imaginable. Watch part videos and get exterior to explore!