November 09, 2021 - 15:08 GMT Hannah Hargrave Happy pair Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have updated fans through something castle didn"t check out coming simply months after obtaining married

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have a reached one more monumental milestone in your relationship and they couldn"t wait come share the fun update v fans.

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The No Doubt singer required to Instagram v a television clip and what it revealed sent out her giddy.

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The video was native the game display Wheel of Fortune and the clue to be "husband and also wife".

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Host, play Sajak, announced: "The category for this round is one we don"t see very often, "Husband and also Wife,"" and the board had a entirety host of letters waiting to it is in revealed.

Fast-forward, and also Gwen Stefani and also Blake Shelton to be the surname uncovered.

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It was plainly a an extremely proud minute for Gwen who captioned the clip: "Never in my wildest dreams or prayers !!! gx
wheeloffortune #wow."

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A post shared through Gwen Stefani (

Gwen couldn"t believe they were featured ~ above Wheel of Fortune

Her fans adored her reaction and commented: "Watched the tonight! means to go Blake and also Gwen and Wheel," and another added: "I gained it correct tonight and was so"

The mom-of-three tied the knot with The Voice star in July 2021 ~ a quick engagement.

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They had been date for 5 years, however, and Blake recently released a special tune he composed for his bride.

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A write-up shared through Gwen Stefani (

They gained married in July 2021

His new single, We have the right to Reach The Stars, is close come the couple"s heart since he sang it come Gwen in ~ the wedding as part of his vows.

After share his song, Blake then posted a sweet message telling everyone how much that loves his wife.

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"I"m really proud the #WeCanReachTheStars and also I’m yes, really honored come be with
gwenstefani," the wrote. "That’s why we acquired married in the first place. That’s why us wear rings… because we desire everyone to know. I"m dazzling to re-superstructure this song with the world."

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