KUWTK: Celebrity Hairstylist argues Rob's Ex Blac Chyna is involved Blac Chyna, the ex-fiancee of keeping Up through The Kardashians" plunder Kardashian, is fueling engagement rumors after her hairstylist teased a wedding.

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Blac Chyna
Fans of Keeping Up through The Kardashians are reaction to rumors saying Blac Chyna is perhaps engaged. The ex-fiancee of plunder Kardashian has appreciated the date scene following their messy breakup earlier in 2017. News that her feasible upcoming nuptials comes as the truth star proceeds her years-long legal battle against the Kardashian-Jenner family.

Blac Chyna hasn"t backed under from the KarJenner family members after lock accused her of physically assaulting Rob and also destroying your property. Following her split from the single male Kardashian, Blac Chyna launched a lawsuit versus the family over the cancellation of your short-lived Rob & Chyna series. While countless assumed the present was over when they called it quits, Chyna claimed the show still should have actually aired and sued the household for allegedly functioning to finish her reality TV career. Because their split, Rob and also Chyna have settled a co-parenting and custody commitment while she continues her legitimate pursuit versus Rob"s mom and also sisters.

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While Blac Chyna has entertained some short-lived flings since leaving Rob, she hasn"t been romantically attached to anyone together of late. However her celebrity hairstylist sustained engagement rumors in an Instagram Story. The Los Angeles-based stylist freshly tagged Blac Chyna to a post, declare she booked that to do her hair for her wedding. "Happy come say that
blacchyna has now confirmed, booked and sent deposit to me together the one who"s going to it is in doing she hair for she upcoming wedding
," Jay said in a article captured by The Sun. Fans teased the stylist for supposedly revealing Blac Chyna"s wedding news before she could.

Blac Chyna with Rob Kardashian
Many wondered who Blac Chyna could be engaged to, if the news is real. "Who is she marrying ?do friend know," one human being asked ~ above Reddit. "That’s what i’m wondering. I believed she was still on/off again v Rob," added someone else. While it"s to be years due to the fact that Rob and also Chyna entertained a romantic relationship, the previous couple has to be able to occupational together in co-parenting your daughter, Dream Kardashian. During the KUWTK reunion, Khloe Kardashian also revealed the Rob was date again. Yet it hasn"t been shown if Blac Chyna is ~ above his perform of recent dates.

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There to be one fan who made point out of this when shutting under the idea the Rob and Chyna dating again. "Rob has actually a new girlfriend," they said. It also looks favor this time around, plunder is making sure to keep his love life fully private. He learned a large lesson during his public separation from Chyna. The two finished up in court end what was understood as the an initial case of alleged "revenge porn" where a former lover leaks explicit photos of their ex on social media. The history between Chyna and the Keeping Up through the Kardashians star is bad, however he still can be happy if she is acquiring married.