Billy Dee Williams has a beautiful Japanese wife named Teruko Nagami, with whom the raises multicultural grandkids.

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You don’t check out multicultural families in Hollywood every day, but it’s typical for Billy Dee Williams to uncover one. People initially didn’t recognize the concept. We to be shocked when the actor began posting picture of his grandchildren on Instagram.

He led to quite a stir in 2018 when she shared a photo showing that sitting in between his grandchildren, that were nothing prefer him. Walk he subtitle the photo:? “Hard to put into words the love girlfriend feel as soon as holding your grandchildren. #LuckiestGuyInTheWorld.”



Fans were split on the post. Some wondered if Williams was related to their children. Rather praised Williams’ beloved interactions with his grandchildren.

He stays a quiet life yet sometimes short articles photos that his family on society networks. He Happily married Teruko Nakagami, his beautiful eastern wife. They’ve to be married for over four decades and also the couple is blessed through a daughter, Hanako Williams, together.


Both Williams and also Nakagami were previously married prior to they got together. Nakagami was married come jazz legend Wayne Shorter. She has actually a daughter, Miyako.

Williams was likewise there obtain married Audrey Sellers to be his an initial wife. He has a son, Corey Dee. Nakagami, the actor, married Corey 12 year later.


Nakagami, a Japanese-American, to be Born in Chicago. She to be originally called Irene. However, she adjusted her name shortly after marrying her an initial husband.

While Nakagami and also Williams remain together, they in reality filed because that divorce in 1993. They operated through their differences, and also in 1997 they were able come live again together.


The “Star Wars” actor’s daughter Hanako is married to her Caucasian husband, Liam Toohey and together the couple has two adorable kids. The mom of 2 works as the general manager at an art gallery in Beverly Hills.

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The actor’s an initial child, Corey Dee Williams, lives a an extremely private life. Although small is known around Corey Dee Williams, the is well-known for his private life. That is well-known about the handsome fitness trainer, that is gathered the he is a huge fan the “Star Wars” and he also got to function in the movie together his dad’s stunt double.

Billy Dee Williams, 84, has accomplished a many in his life. He lives a relaxed life now, despite he is sometimes disturbed by the noise. Spotted out and about in West Hollywood His best-known role is in the original “Star Wars” Trilogy “Batman.”