The brand-new York time reported that five women got settlement payouts after accusing invoice O'Reilly that harassment or linguistic abuse.

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Bill O"Reilly showed up on Sean Hannity"s Fox News present Tuesday evening, his first appearance top top the network due to the fact that he was ousted in April amid sex-related harassment allegations.

"I"m here, I"m alive, and also the spin stops here," O"Reilly said at the outset that the first of 3 segments ~ above Hannity"s Fox News program.

During the an extensive interview, O"Reilly and also Hannity debated a number of topics, consisting of President Trump"s war through the NFL, the an alleged bias the the establishment media and also O"Reilly"s brand-new "Killing England" book.

The 2 media heavyweights also took target at liberal media watchdog groups, through O"Reilly speak he "should have" battled back an ext aggressively once such establishments targeted his advertisers.

O"Reillywas firedaftera report in The brand-new York Timesrevealed he, Fox News and also network parent company 21st Century Fox had actually paid numerous dollars end the year to settle claims of sexual harassment and other inappropriate actions made against him, every one of which he has denied. The news, which come as the network was still reeling indigenous a sex-related harassment scandal that compelled out previous Fox News Chairman i get it Ailes, caused advertisers fleeing O"Reilly"s show. Fox News ultimately made decision to fire O"Reilly, not also letting him to speak goodbye come his audience -- the can be fried TV indignity -- ~ he"d offered for much more than two decades as the confront of the network"s primetime lineup.

Nearly 6 months later, things have actually seemingly changed. Hannity"s Tuesday interview through O"Reilly was supported heavily through Fox News. A graphics that showed up at the very least once on the lower right-hand corner of the display screen hyped O"Reilly"s return to the network. A comparable graphic on Fox News" website did the same. And also the interview showed up to have actually taken place inside Fox News" Manhattan headquarters.

A Fox News spokesperson said that O"Reilly"s illustration on the network was simply component of his ongoing publication tour. The tour has taken O"Reilly to number of media outlets,including NBC"s "Today" show, and he is tentatively slated to appear on CNN later on this year. Yet at the conclusion of his Tuesday night interview, Hannity invited O"Reilly back on his program, arguing O"Reilly"s might be a reoccurring guest.

"Come back. Will you come back?" Hannity asked.

"I"ll come back," O"Reilly answered ~ joking the two were due because that a fishing expedition first.

The fact that Fox News executives would permit O"Reilly to return to the network"s air and also let him usage it together a communication to sell publications only month after firing that struck some observers -- including people inside the network and at least one of the women who accused him of harassment -- together peculiar.

It was not clear if Rupert Murdoch, who is currently serving as chairman of Fox News, personally approved the interview. No representatives for Fox News nor 21st Century Fox responded to inquiry for comment on the matter.

"That"s how it works at the boy"s club," Wendy Walsh, that accused O"Reilly of sexual harassment, called CNN on Tuesday. "That"s how it works."

Inside Fox News, part employees likewise raised eyebrows about the interview prior to it occurred.

"I question how serious Fox News considers the offenses for which he was fired if they room now providing him a platform to offer his book," a an elderly Fox News employee called CNN. "Talk around mixed messages."

"This idea of not just bringing him back on our air however to be actively promoting is entirely outrageous," echoed another employee. "What"s the allude if we"re walk to usually be welcoming him earlier with open up arms?"

One on-air personality that spoke through CNN referenced Fox News announcing on Tuesday that it had supported several women as hosts. The person said O"Reilly"s appearance offered as a "net negative" that clouded the otherwise optimistic news.

"On a work that should be about Fox celebrating female talent through Sandra Smith, Harris Faulkner and Dana Perino obtaining their very own gigs, O"Reilly returning allows us to it is in talking about a duration that is hopefully behind us," the human told CNN.

A Fox News spokesperson did not respond come a inquiry for comment on employees" feelings about the interview.

Furthering the intrigue to be the reality that Hannity and also O"Reilly don"t have actually the best background together.

Two human being familiar with the relationship in between the two guys told CNN that it was renowned inside Fox News that they did not favor each other.

One the the human being said it was recognized staff should "never say anything good" about O"Reilly in front of Hannity.

Another person familiar with their relationship told CNN that Hannity even continued talking negatively about O"Reilly several months after ~ O"Reilly had actually been ousted indigenous Fox News.

Hannity all yet conceded the two had actually not had actually a warm relationship while interviewing O"Reilly on his radio regime last week. Hannity seemed to chalk up their background to the competition usual of the tv industry.

"We kind of to be competitors and at each other"s throats," Hannity said O"Reilly in the interview. "But I will say this: since you left the channel, you and also I have started having actually conversations and we realize i think the in many ways that it was a wrong on both our parts to think you to be isolated on an island and I was isolated on an island."

Hannity appears to feel that he and also O"Reilly have actually both end up being victims of liberals looking to quiet them, and also have uncovered some kinship through him over that.

The 2 men additionally seem to recognize they can mutually advantage from each other. O"Reilly requirements a communication to encourage his recent book, and also Hannity is aiming come beat MSNBC hold Rachel Maddow in the 9 p.m. Ratings race. Hannity moved ago to his old 9 p.m. Time slot this week, placing him increase directly against Maddow. On Monday, he beat she in both full viewers and the crucial 25-54 demographic. Hannity to be hoping to loss Maddow again ~ above Tuesday, and bringing the former cable news king top top his regime is certain to an increase ratings.

While O"Reilly appeared on Fox News Tuesday night to market his book, it was unclear whether another former hold would be welcomed back to the network to promote her book.

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Gretchen Carlson, who touched turn off a domino result with a sexual harassment lawsuit that eventually led to Fox News" ouster of Ailes, is release her book in October. A Fox News spokesperson did no respond come a inquiry for comment around whether Carlson would be welcome on Fox as component of her book tour.