Biller Hemmer is one American journalist who is the present co-anchor the American Newsroom ~ above the Fox News Channel. After ~ graduating with a Bachelor that Arts level in transfer journalism indigenous Miami University, he join WLWT-TV, whereby his found his enthusiasm for live television.

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Hemmer join CNN in 1995 and also hosted numerous programs consisting of American Morning, CNN Tonight, and CNN Live Today prior to leaving for Fox News in august 2005. In 2020, he held afternoon present Bill Hemmer Reports and served as the chief Anchor for breaking news and other live major events.

Hemmer remained in a irreversible relationship v Dara Tomanovich

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Bill and Canadian model Dara dated for practically a te after lock met in 2005. Dara is a Canadian design who deserve her large break after ~ meeting with German designer karl Lagerfeld in Paris. Knife hired she to come to be the face of French luxury house, Chloe.

Dara go on to design for British Vogue, Marie Claire, and L’Oreal. She still works as a model, and she is represented by the B&M models agency. Bill and Dara were an initial spotted cozying up throughout theVictoria’s SecretFashion display in 2005. The pair appeared with each other during plenty of events in the eight years the they to be together.

The last occasion they attended with each other was the 2013 Gala occasion held in ~ the City centre in Berlin. Reports that the pair had broken up emerged shortly after your appearance in ~ the event. A year later, Dara was associated in drunk driving debate after she crashed her Porsche in Manhattan.

According come Page Six, Dara tried come threaten the officer that arrested her in a bid to prevent arrest. Page Six go on to speculate that Dara was in a connection with Britain’s Prince Andrew.

He is quite secretive about his love life

Bill is quite vocal around his political opinions, yet he is keeping a tight lid top top his private life. Details around his personal life ~ his rest up through Dara are an extremely few. He is quite energetic on social media, but he rarely posts anything around his love life.

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His secretive nature has led to rumors claiming that he is gay. Happy rumors are common amongst celebrities who chose to be secretive about their love lives, and Bill is no exception. Bill hasn’t come the end to deny these rumors, yet we believe that they space unfounded.