TRAGIC Beth Chapman's final days battling cancer will be revealed in Dog The Bounty Hunter’s brand-new show.

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The 51-year-old passed away yesterday in a Hawaii hospital following an 18-month fight with throat and lung cancer.


Beth, pictured through Dog, had been functioning on a new television present with him before she diedCredit: Rex Features

Beth's final days v cancer will be displayed on Dog's brand-new TV showCredit: YouTube/WGN

Husband Dog - real name Duane Chapman - broke the damaging news on Twitter, through his brand-new show revealing soft moments between him and his mam in her last days.

Dog’s many Wanted - airing on united state channel WGN - will check out the bounty hunter proceeding to chase down convicts.

Touching scene in the trailer display Beth was standing by she husband that 12 years together he discusses her illness.

He says: "My wife, the love of my life is fighting for she life, and also instead of being at residence helping her, i’m out right here looking because that you.”

Dog adds: "So i’m warning you, in advance, might God have mercy top top you as soon as I catch you… since I won’t.”


Poignant shots show Beth’s hospital bed and also a close up picture of the pair - before Dog is seen leaning in because that a soft kiss.

The release date has no yet to be announced as part scenes to be still being shot as soon as Beth pass away.

It's taken it will certainly be Dog's decision on even if it is there's enough footage to finish the series.

Dog announced Beth had died as he revealed his heartbreaking critical moments with his wife, who had actually been rushed to hospital after ~ a choking incident.

He said: "When she had actually an attack I didn’t know anything come do but to to speak 'in Jesus' name' and also hold her and also when I claimed 'in Jesus' name' she said, 'Say the again, to speak it more'.

"And climate she, you know, she called the girls and everybody v her mouth and stuff she said I love friend guys, room you men all okay? but she never welcomed it."


Her daughter Bonnie Chapman, 20, led tributes in a series of tweets - starting off through writing: “Love girlfriend forever mom. You’ve gained a gloriole now.”

She continued: “I’ll never forget you, mama. Friend were together a strong woman, and you teach me to always be strong. You were strong for everyone, and you teach me it’s it s okay to let go.

“I’d never ever thought I’d lose my mommy at 20. I told she I believed she had actually a pair years left, yet in her eyes she disagreed.”

Dog and Beth"s success

Duane Chapman shot to fame in 2004 with Dog The Bounty Hunter, a reality collection chronicling his experience locating and also arresting human being who had breached your bail agreements.

The present was an prompt hit, v viewers attracted in by Chapman's street smarts, his team, and his attempts to rehabilitate and also counsel the people he had the ability to track down.

The collection was cancelled after eight seasons in may 2012 by television network A&E, however it began airing on syndication in September 2013.

Dog and Beth climate starred in a spin-off series called ‘Dog and Beth: ~ above the Hunt’ ~ above CMT, i beg your pardon ran for two years.

In November 2017, A&E announced plans of a special referred to as ‘Dog and also Beth: hit of your Lives’, which was broadcast 2 weeks later.

The two-hour special recorded Beth and also her family members as she to be fighting phase 4 throat cancer.

It consisted of the 13-hour surgical treatment Beth underwent to remove a stage two tumour and the aftermath.

Beth had actually been filming a 2nd spin-off, ‘Dog’s many Wanted’ simply days prior to her death.

Dog reportedly has actually a net worth that $6million (£4.7m).

His income comes mainly from his bounty hunting and also bail bonds business and TV shows.

Beth had actually undergone a variety of hospital admissions in current months, and also earlier this mainly was put in a medically induced coma.

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She was first diagnosed with stage two neck cancer in November 2017 and also later arisen stage-four lung cancer.