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Almost no details about the ultimate, in-store influence on customers to be revealed in Monday's announcement the Bass agree Shops is acquiring Cabela's in a $5.5 billion deal.

We learned the the transaction is intended to close in the very first half the 2017, which placed some paper definition on the timeframe once the influence might it is in felt.

And, Bass pro founder Johnny Morris, that will proceed as CEO and bulk shareholder that the new entity, provided in a letter to employees and vendors the the merger brings together "time-tested, top outdoor brands: Cabela's, a leader in hunting, and also Bass agree Shops, a leader in fishing, and White River naval Group, a global leader in boating.

He described it together a "once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for both of our companies" that "provides the foundation to create a best of the finest shopping experience for all outdoor enthusiasts worldwide for generations to come" and also "expand our products to better serve our valued customers."


Bass agree buying Cabela's because that $5.5 billion

Combining the searching expertise of Cabela's and fishing/boating field of expertise of Bass pro will benefit consumers and strengthen the company, says Bass agree founder and also CEO Johnny Morris. There's a Bass agree in Harrisburg and a Cabela's in Berks County.

In the void the details, reader on silverlakestyle.com and in the outdoor Pennsylvania Facebook group were ready to speculate top top what they expect to come that the merger.

Several projection a reduction in product selection and choice accompanied by higher prices, all brought on by diminished competition.

While Bass agree Shops, with 99 stores, and also Cabela's, through 85 stores, are the monsters of the industry, the end customers also have the smaller sized Gander Mountain and also Field & stream stores, also as practically unlimited online sources, together alternatives.

Gander Mountain has 160 stores, consisting of those in Chambersburg, Erie, Greensburg, Johnstown, Moon Township, Monroeville, Scranton, Warrington, Washington, West Mifflin, Williamsport and York.

Field & Stream has 27 stores, consisting of its newest one in Camp Hill and also other Pennsylvania shop in Altoona, Cranberry Township, Erie and also Washington.

A couple of readers claimed they uncover the garments sold at Cabela's come be greater quality 보다 that sold at Bass agree Shops.

Several complained about the penchant of the two outdoor giants for displaying their names top top the exterior of much of the apparel they sell, i m sorry wouldn't it seems to be ~ to it is in an clues of transforms coming since of the merger.

One reader, who stated he previously worked in ~ Bass agree Shops, detailed that the save was big on fishing tools while Cabela's is the heavy hitter in hunting and gun needs.

Although no reader pointed the out, when both Bass agree Shops and also Cabela's are greatly decorated with museum top quality wildlife mounts, large aquariums that trophy-sized fish and manmade streams, in Pennsylvania Cabela's additionally has a hill of wildlife mounts, a stream and pond heavily stocked v trophy-sized trout and a museum that state-record deer mounts.

The two giants likewise differ in events they market throughout the year. While Cabela's distinct weekends, programs and also seminars are heavily focused on the out sports, Bass agree Shops brings more holiday and also family orientation to its events, an especially around holidays prefer Christmas and also Easter.

So while speculation is rampant, customers will eventually wait because that the transaction to be formally approved by shareholders and also regulators before learning what exactly it way for them.

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