prior to Ashton Irwin remained in the boy band 5 secs of Summer, he offered to be in a band dubbed “Swallow the Goldfish”.

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If Ashton Irwin is your favorite member that the Australian pop-rock tape 5 seconds of Summer, you’ll love these height fifty fun facts!

Ashton Irwin’s center name is Fletcher.

Ashton Irwin is 27 year old. He was born top top July 7, 1994, in Hornsby, Australia.

His star sign is Cancer.

He has actually two younger siblings, Harry and Lauren Irwin.

Ashton’s mother, Marie is separated from his father, that is not around.

Ashton has a dog referred to as Indie.

Ashton is a Christian.

Before Ashton join 5SOS in December 2011, the hated the band since they were always forgetting the indigenous on their YouTube videos.

Ashton was the critical member to sign up with 5 secs of Summer.

He supplied to be in a band referred to as “Swallow the Goldfish”.

As fine as playing the drums, Ashton can additionally play the guitar, piano and saxophone.

Ashton obtained his very first drum collection when he to be 8 years old and has to be playing ever since.

One the his favorite childhood memories to be the an initial time he played the north in front of an audience.

One that Ashton’s favourite TV reflects is Family Guy and favorite movie is Pursuit the Happiness.

He attended and graduated native Richmond High School.

He is 6ft tall.

Ashton Irwin has actually admitted he would day a fan.

If Ashton was to pick one person for 5SOS to do a duet with, it would be will Smith.

His favorite shade is red.

He doesn’t prefer going commando since “you require support”!

The guys say the Ashton is the finest listener.

Ashton loves going come Ikea and also playing ~ above the furniture.

He states he is good at ice cream skating.

Ashton Irwin had his very first kiss at age 16.

Ashton auditioned because that X-factor in November 2010.

As well as being scared of the dark, he additionally has a are afraid of needles.

Ashton attract glasses.

Ashton likes banana milkshakes.

Before joining 5SOS, Ashton Irwin used to occupational at KFC.

Ashton’s favourite flavor of ice cream cream is cacao chip.

Ash’s ex girlfriend’s name is Jasmine Dorhauer, lock were with each other for a year.

Ashton and also Michael Clifford both love Dragon Ball-Z.

He is a pan of Justin Bieber and says his favorite song is “Right Here”.

Ashton have the right to do the many push-ups in the band.

His happy number is 18.

Ashton said his celebrity like is john Mayer and he would turn gay for him!

Ashton likes girl who room “unique and also beautiful in their very own way”.

He loves to hear toColdplay.

Ashton Irwin likes to listen to “soothing, ambient jungle music” in bed.

One of his favourite food is spaghetti, his least favorite room olives.

Ashton Irwin snores.

He has actually a One Direction poster in his room.

For Ashton’s 20th Birthday, both Niall Horan and Liam Payne partied through him.

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He hates ducks.

On a Radio 1 interview, when asked about their greatest fears, Ashton revealed his inner fear of triple chins!