Tim Lambesis, frontman because that the Christian metal band as I place Dying has admitted he and his band had faked their faith to offer records. He says this is common amongst Christian rock bands.

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Tim Lambesis of as I Lay dying performs on phase at HMV Ritz ~ above October 15, 2012 in Manchester, joined Kingdom.Gary Wolstenholme/Redferns via Getty Images

Tim Lambesis, frontman for the Christian metal band together I place Dying, has actually admitted he and his band had actually faked their faith to sell records.

In May, Lambesis was sentenced to 6 years in jail after ~ pleading guilty to paying a san Diego police officer posing as a hit guy $1,000 to kill his wife.

Speaking to different Press in the job leading up to his sentencing, Lambesis described a Christian band circuit wherein phony faith was prevalent. That said, “We toured with much more ‘Christian bands’ that actually aren’t Christians than bands that are. In 12 year of touring with As i Lay Dying, I would say maybe one in 10 Christian bands we toured v were actually Christian bands.”



Tim Lambesis

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Lambesis continued, speak of his own band’s believes, “I in reality wasn’t the very first guy in as I Lay dice to prevent being a Christian. In fact, i think ns was the third. The two who stayed kind of stopped talking about it, and also then I’m pretty sure they reduce it, too. We talked around whether to save taking money indigenous the ‘Christian market.’ We had this bizarrely ‘noble’ thing, like, ‘Well, we’re no passing along any bad ideas. We’re simply singing around real life stuff. Those youngsters need come hear around real life, since they live in a bubble."https://www.silverlakestyle.com/”

Lambesis, 33, stated he has been an atheist because that years and also had distanced himself from Christianity while in college. The said, “In the process of trying to safeguard my faith, I started thinking the other point of view was the stronger one.”

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“I mental one Christian festival wherein an interviewer wanted one of the men to re-superstructure his testimony, and also he simply froze up and also let among the males who was still a Christian at the time answer the question,” Lambesis said. “We laughed around it afterward, yet we were just laughing because it to be so awkward. When children would desire to pray with us after ~ shows, I’d it is in like, “Um, walk ahead and also pray!” i would just let them pray. I’d say ‘Amen.’ If praying while I have my hand on your shoulder renders them feeling better, i didn’t want to take that away native them. As soon as they would especially ask me come pray because that something, I’d say, “I don’t really favor to pray the end loud, yet I’ll take it that v me come the bus.”