Apex Legends is one of a few popular fight royales in the compete gaming scene, but it’s common to watch gamers debating if it really deserves a spot through other similar games prefer Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. If some human being question the success the Apex Legends, the player counting doesn’t lie. 

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Apex Legends is relatively brand-new to the scene. It to be suddenly released in 2019 and also immediately skyrocketed approximately 50 million players. Because then, player expansion has continued upward. So just how many world are play Apex Legends in 2021?

Is Apex Legends still popular in 2021?

In April 2021, Respawn entertain announced a significant milestone for their battle royale. There to be 100 million active players quiet dropping right into Olympus and also World’s Edge. The number has most likely gone up because Season 9 was simply dropped, presenting a brand-new legend and also a permanent video game mode referred to as Arenas. 

100 million strong, and we’re just gaining started. Say thanks to you, Legends! ❤️ pic.twitter.com/FlINru0lx5

— Apex Legends (

Unlike other free-to-play fight royales, Apex Legends no seem to have actually a major issue through cheaters and also hackers. If they room still present, developers have actually done a relatively great job maintaining on top of the problem. These anti-cheat initiatives have paid off, do it an ext fun because that casual players and providing much more competitive truth to much more serious gamers playing ranked. Developers recently announced that their anti-cheat would certainly be more improved in the close to future. 

Fortnite currently has about 350 million energetic players. Contact of Duty: Warzone has roughly 100 million energetic players. When Apex Legends isn’t the many popular battle royale, it’s clearly climbing up the ranks and also keeping up with the big-name games in the genre. 

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How many people watch Apex Legends top top Twitch?

While the popular of a game is often determined by player counting alone, that’s not the case these days. Now, gamings can likewise be thought about successful based on the amount of attention they acquire on Twitch. 

Apex Legends is at this time in the peak 10 the Twitch categories, most likely thanks come Season 9’s brand-new content. In might 2021, Apex Legends had about 160,000 viewers on the streaming platform. That’s way greater than speak to of Duty: Warzone (150,000), Fortnite (121,000), and PUBG (21,000). The viewership might decrease once the fresh of Valkyrie and Arenas attract off, yet there’s no denying the Apex Legends is a well-known game to clock streamers play on Twitch. 

When Apex Legends an initial dropped it had a record high quantity of viewership. This is usual for gamings when they make a huge splashy debut. When this number decreased in so late 2019 and throughout 2020, the fight royale has actually started to rise in popular in 2021. 


Is Apex Legends esports dying?

Fortnite, PUBG, and also Call of Duty: Warzone have actually a pretty huge follosilverlakestyle.comg and also organized esports scene. But esports pan don’t often hear about Apex Legends tournaments or Apex Legends pros. 

Respawn to chat announced the Apex Legends worldwide Series in 2020 in an attempt to develop an official esports scene because that the fight royale. It featured 12 live events held transparent the world with a prize pool of $3 million. Despite Respawn’s efforts, the game’s esports scene never ever really took off in the means that some other battle royales have. Plenty of Apex Legends agree players and teams are still relatively unknown. 

There room competitive events taking place in 2021. Examine out the full Apex Legends an international Series 2021 schedule here.