Duggar family members followers hoping the Josh and also Anna Duggar will divorce complying with his recent arrest on son pornography charges may be disappointed. Walking far from the marital relationship will be daunting for Anna, 32, as result of her religious upbringing, some say. Anna and also Josh Duggar have actually six children and are expecting your seventh. 

Josh Duggar arrested, faces years in prison 



Josh Duggar’s mugshot adhering to his 2021 arrest | Washington ar Sheriff’s Office/Getty Images

After the news of Duggar’s alleged crimes, many civilization who follow the Counting on family wondered once — or if — his wife would certainly leave him. Yet according come those familiar with the type of spiritual community she and her household are part of, that might not happen.

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Vyckie Garrison speak to Salon about her suffer in the Quiverfull movement. This stress, overload of conservative Christianity sees fathers together the can be fried voice of authority in the family and encourages couples to have as many youngsters as possible. When the Duggar family has refuse being component of the controversial movement, they share many of the very same beliefs. 

Garrison had seven kids before eventually leaving she abusive husband. She states she had actually a “martyr’s mentality” yet eventually uncovered the toughness to leave. But Anna Duggar’s religious beliefs might make it daunting to carry out the same. 

“The situation she is in is just impossible,” Garrison said. “The only way she deserve to save herself and also her children — she would just have actually to give up her idea of she faith.”

Anna Duggar clung come her confidence after previous mock Duggar scandal 

This no the an initial time Anna Duggar has challenged pressure to leaving her husband. In 2015, 19 Kids and also Counting to be canceled after ~ reports emerged that Josh had molested several girls when he to be a teenager, consisting of several the his sisters. A few months later, the admitted to having actually an account top top the cheating website Ashley Madison. 

“I have been the best hypocrite ever. If espousing faith and also family values, I have actually secretly end the last several years been viewing pornography on the internet and this became a mystery addiction and I became unfaithful to mine wife,” he claimed in a statement at the time.

In an early episode that Counting On, Anna opened up up around how she faced Josh’s “betrayal.”

“I knew the my only hope was to cling to my faith,” she said. “Because i knew if ns went off of what ns was feeling, ns would rotate a mess into a disaster.”

Anna Duggar may not see divorce as an option

In a 2015 interview through People, Kathryn Joyce, who wrote a publication on the Quiverfull movement, explained that Anna may have actually seen herself together responsible for she husband’s failings. 

“It has been common not simply in Quiverfull circles but also an ext broadly in some fundamentalist Christian communities to hold women responsible because that men’s sexuality and also choices,” by, for example, “accusing wives of bring about their husbands’ affairs because they didn’t fulfill them.”

At the time, Anna claimed she had actually made a lifelong commitment come Josh once she married that in 2008, and she intended to was standing by it.

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“I know there room those that think I have actually every appropriate to walk away from this marriage,” she said during the Counting on episode. “I respect various other people’s views. Yet in my heart, as soon as I gained married, i vowed to God first, and also to Joshua, ‘for much better or because that worse, til fatality do we part … my prayer and also my heart’s desire is for our marriage to be restored.” 

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