"silverlakestyle.com will be among the saddest job of my life," she wrote on Instagram. "silverlakestyle.com is the day the I perform the last move out from Lily Pond."


The celebrity chef and also the new York governor separation in 2019 ~ 14 years together.Getty Images/ sandraleeonline/Instagram
It"s to be over a year since Sandra Lee and brand-new York Gov. Andrew Cuomo damaged up after 14 year together, and this week, the TV chief is moving on in a pretty big way.

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Lee, 54, required to Instagram top top Monday to let fans understand she has actually moved out of "Lily Pond," the home that she and also Cuomo shared throughout their relationship, and share a couple of reflections on her last moments at the house.

"silverlakestyle.com will certainly be one of the saddest work of my life. silverlakestyle.com is the day the I perform the last move the end from Lily Pond. I love the house and I have a personal relationship with every solitary room of the home. Ns hope the new owners take care of it and I did and also I will certainly love that forever," she wrote, adding the hashtag #thehousethatbuiltme.

The former couple lived in the Mt. Kisco, new York residence for end a decade and first put it on the industry in may 2019, according to Curbed new York. The move naturally sparked rumors the an brewing breakup and the couple announced their separation just a couple of months later, in September 2019.

Lee and Cuomo, 63, lovingly described the residential property as "Lily Pond," and also the star that silverlakestyle.com"s "Top Shelf" explained her last moments in the home as "bittersweet" in a 2nd Instagram post.

"I walked around the outside of my beautiful house —I want to drink in every angle and remember the beautiful moments that were invested in every place. I stopped at the top of the hill whereby I planted one of 6 tree lines of evergreen trees and 200 daffodil bulbs —-I simply looked at the house, ns prayed the following owners would certainly be sort to it and love it together I did—- ns cried and cried," she wrote.

The chef, that recently shared her go-to Thanksgiving recipes with silverlakestyle.com, comprehensive her last moments in the home. She took the moment to say goodbye to each room and thanked them all for "giving us love and shelter, a warm place come grow and also a true residence to be happy."

When Lee walked out the front door, which she said the couple never used, she forgot to revolve the porch lights off and went back to open up the door, however it appeared that fate intervened.

"The door was locked. That was together if the house said "its time to move forward Sandy!!" It was a many amazing experience and I absolutely know that residence and all of its 3 beautiful acre loved united state too!" she wrote.


In April, Lee opened up around her breakup v Cuomo, sharing v the brand-new York Times that she never ever misses her ex"s daily coronavirus briefings.

"You know, nobody has a daily routine right now," she said. "I obtain up and I see what the latest news is. Of course ns watch Andrew live, and then share through him mine thoughts."

The couple, that dated native 2005 to 2019, has kept in touch transparent the pandemic and also Lee stated she"s quiet in regular call with his daughters.

"They’re my family, and they always will be my family," she said.

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