"Ben is sleeping, and also I"m bored, for this reason what rather am I an alleged to do?" Andy Cohen joked top top his Instagram Stories

On Tuesday, the Watch What wake up Live host, 52, shared two shirtless shots of Cooper, 53, ~ above his Instagram, explaining the he was feeling "bored" while his 18-month-old child Benjamin "Ben" Allen take it a nap and also decided to write-up some throwbacks that the CNN anchor to liven points up.

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"If it were a regular year, I’d it is in on vacation with my pal...threatening to article shirtless pics of him," Cohen captioned the pictures. "Well, it’s 2020 and also I’m sitting on my deck so ns figured I’d just post without asking and also piss the off! #SilverFox."





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"Listen, I'm simply sitting here, boring under a blanket," the producer claims in a video, turning the camera to show himself sit alone under a quilt ~ above the deck that his home. "All that's here is Ben's small drum set. Ben is sleeping, and I'm bored, for this reason what else am I an alleged to do?"

"I gained Ben and also Housewives cut to watch," he proceeds with a shrug. "Maybe I'll post more shirtless pictures of Anderson."

Though Cooper has actually not publicly responded to Cohen's snaps, numerous fans flooded the comments ar to swoon over the shots.

"Omg. Anderson is so hot!!!! 🔝💋," one wrote, while another remarked, "#SilverFox for real! 💯."

"He looks exceptional Brains and Beauty and also a Dad ❤️😍😇," a 3rd chimed in.

Cohen spoke about his close link to Cooper previously this year, sharing that Ben's nanny had actually transferred to his friend's home to treatment for the journalist's 4-month-old kid Wyatt Morgan.

"I've to be talking about my nanny she's leaving, that she's gonna go aid out a friend, and also the minute Anderson announced it I got a bunch that DMs from eagle-eared Radio Andy listeners saying, 'Wait ... Is that where your nanny went?' The answer is yes, the is wherein my nanny went," he mutual on his SiriusXM show.

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"We had long planned this transition, but I absolutely didn't expect it come happen throughout a quarantine, the course," Cohen added. "So we had actually to really manage this hand-off indigenous one house to the next an extremely carefully, yet we did and she is now with Anderson and also I recognize she's gonna acquire Wyatt ~ above a an excellent sleep schedule as with she got Ben."

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"I'm therefore happy because that Anderson," said the Bravo star. "We've to be talking around this because that a long time and I have actually been yes, really enjoying Anderson coming over. His visits through Ben have actually taken ~ above a distinct significance since we both knew for a while that Anderson to be planning on himself."

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, Cohen told world in might that the the change had "been yes, really good."

"Things seem to be going good over in ~ the Cooper household and points are good here — a really an excellent transition in ~ a minute when it's more than likely not the finest time to have actually a transition," he stated at the time.

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