Amy Schumer and also Chuck Schumer might run in an extremely different circles and also have wildly various professions, however they"re actually related, per Refinery29. Probably you recognize Amy from her lay out comedy series Inside Amy Schumer and also Chuck indigenous his long-running position as a Democratic new York senator, but one information you may not understand is how carefully bonded the pair are.

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It"s basic for pan to wonder if celebrities v the very same last names room related. In part cases, that"s in reality true, with instances like Melissa McCarthy and Jenny McCarthy, who are cousins. There space some who don"t share the very same last name, but are still surprisingly related, like Prince Charles and actor Ralph Fiennes (eighth cousins), and also Beyonce and actress Bianca Lawson (step-sisters), every Good Housekeeping. Over there are also cases whereby celebrities re-publishing the same last name but aren"t related, prefer Katherine Hepburn and Audrey Hepburn or Kerry Washington and also Denzel Washington (via Refinery29).

But one delightfully how amazing familial pair is Amy and Chuck Schumer. Lining is the very first cousin of Amy"s father, make the I feel Pretty actress and American politician an initial cousins, as soon as removed. In short, they"re cousins. Maybe Amy and also Chuck Schumer both have a herbal affinity for the spotlight, also if it plays the end in various spheres.

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Amy Schumer is outspoken around her democratic political beliefs, and also in turn, has supported she cousin lining Schumer in his endeavors to push those beliefs and also policy positions forward in the American politics system, together reported through Refinery29. Once President trumped accused lining of crying "fake tears," Amy involved the senator"s defense in a lengthy Instagram post. "Also I recognize Chuck Schumer and HE cannot act trust me," she wrote. "He deserve to barely laugh on cue. The can"t aid but be transparent and genuine."

However, their partnership right into political action isn"t really new, together Amy organized a push conference through Chuck in 2015 calling for stricter gun manage following a fatal shooting at a screening of her movie, Trainwreck. Throughout the push conference, both Schumers presented a three-pronged setup designed because that tackling gun violence.

During the event, a reporter request if she was expecting backlash because that advocating for gun control and she said she was ready for it, follow to The Hollywood Reporter. Amy defined she"s been handling online hate for 10 years and also she"s used to it. She said it was worth it since "I want to it is in proud of just how I"m living."