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3X points at restaurants consisting of takeout or delivery. 3X clues on transit including trains, buses, ferries, subway, and also more. 3X points on travel consisting of airfare, hotels, cruises, tours, vehicle rentals, and also more. 1X point out on various other purchases.

Intro bonus: 45,000 points

Annual fee: $150Regular APR: See prices & FeesRecommended credit transaction score: 670-850 (Good come Excellent)


The American Express eco-friendly Credit card is precious considering if you favor the American Express member Rewards program, and you’re in search of a take trip card the won’t collection you back too much when that silverlakestyle.com to pay the annual fee. You will do it earn versatile rewards point out on dining, transit, and travel, the annual fee is lower than American Express’ an ext premium travel cards, and also annual explain credits can help offset the expense for constant travelers.

At a Glance

Earn 30,000 member Rewards points when you spend $2,000 on your card within 3 months that account openingEarn 3x points in ~ restaurants (including takeout and delivery)Earn 3x points on transit and travel purchasesEarn 1x points on various other purchasesUp come $100 annual statement credit toward CLEAR membershipUp come $100 yearly statement credit transaction for lounge accessibility through LoungeBuddy$150 annual fee


Earn bonus rewards (3x points) at restaurants, on transit, and on travel

No foreign transaction fees

Annual credits for LoungeBuddy lounge accessibility and clear membership

Earns points in the direction of Amex’s functional Membership Rewards program

Additional map Details

The American Express eco-friendly Card comes with a couple of added perks that can make your travel experiences easier.

You’ll obtain an yearly $100 credit toward CLEAR membership, an different to TSA PreCheck that can assist you get through security lines in ~ eligible airports more quickly. You’ll likewise receive as much as $100 in annual credits towards LoungeBuddy lounge access, which have the right to come in handy if girlfriend don’t have a Priority happen membership through another travel credit transaction card.

Pro Tip

The American Express green Credit map doesn’t allow balance transfers. If you need to consolidate blame from various other cards, make sure to compare different cards the let you transport balances come your brand-new account.

Other cardholder benefits include no international transaction fees, trip delay insurance, secondary auto insurance allowance coverage, a package insurance plan, purchase protection versus damage or theft, and extended warranties.

Should You acquire this Card?

If you already have one of these cards, though, look carefully at your spending and rewards prior to you include the green to her wallet as well. While it can be advantageous to swimming pool Membership Rewards points from multiple cards, this cards earn rewards in many of the same categories. Make certain you’d get enough value yearly from added benefits and also unique rewards categories to surpass the expense of both yearly fees.

On that own, the American Express environment-friendly Card uses a competitive price if you’re in search of rewards top top travel and dining — that earns 3X points in these categories, i beg your pardon is the similarly-priced follow Sapphire desired Card (3x ~ above dining and also 2X clues on basic travel). Plus, you’ll obtain 3X points on transit. This consists of not just subways and bus passes, but additionally rideshare services, taxis, tolls, and much more — which can be a an important perk both at home and while traveling.

The Amex membership Rewards regimen can likewise be fairly valuable. If you not currently earning points towards a rewards program, this card deserve to be a good entry suggest into Amex’s flexible rewards. But if you carry out have one more points-earning card, choose a card that earns follow Ultimate Rewards, you might want come stick with one program to more effectively maximize her spending.

How to use American Express environment-friendly Credit Card

Once you’re authorized for the American Express green Credit Card, spend $2,000 within 3 months the account opening so you have the right to start off through 30,000 American Express membership Rewards points. Indigenous there, usage your map for restaurants, travel, and transit spending so you deserve to rack increase 3X points rewards.
When you’re all set to cash in your rewards, friend can pick to redeem points toward purchases, because that gift cards or merchandise, book travel through AmexTravel.com, or carry to Amex airline and also hotel partners like Air France/Flying Blue, Hilton Honors, and Delta SkyMiles. You’ll obtain the most value for travel redemptions, one of two people by booking with Amex or moving to partners.

Also make certain to use your explain credits each year. Enroll with CLEAR using your card to earn approximately $100 toward the yearly fee. This isn’t sufficient to sheathe the full cost of clean membership, i m sorry will collection you back $179 every year, yet it can assist you save if you are already a clean member or planning to come to be one. To earn the LoungeBuddy credit, you’ll just need to pay through your environment-friendly Card anysilverlakestyle.com you purchase lounge accessibility through the LoungeBuddy app or website.

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Just save in mind, credits like this only save you money if they go towards purchases girlfriend would have actually made anyway. If you’re not interested in airport lounge access or a much faster option with security, friend shouldn’t spend money on them just to knife rewards. And that’s true for any type of purchases you make through this card. Just use her American Express eco-friendly Credit map for to buy you can afford come pay turn off each month. If you bring a balance, the attention you pay will certainly wipe out your rewards and then some.