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This factsheet has actually been written for members of the general public by the UK Teratology Information business (UKTIS). UKTIS is a not-for-profit organisation sponsor by Public wellness England on instead of of UK wellness Departments. UKTIS has been providing scientific information to health treatment providers because 1983 on the results that medicines, entertain drugs and also chemicals may have on the developing baby during pregnancy.

What is it?

Naproxen is a kind of painkiller the your doctor may prescribe. It belongs come a course of drug called non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicine (NSAIDs). This leaflet summarises the impacts of naproxen and also other NSAIDs on a baby in the womb.

Use of naproxen throughout pregnancy is no advised unless prescribed through a doctor, particularly if you space 30 or an ext weeks pregnant. Paracetamol is typically recommended to control pain or fever during pregnancy. If paracetamol walk not regulate your pain it is essential that you ask your physician for advice prior to taking naproxen or any type of other NSAID. Naproxen may be prescribed throughout pregnancy because that some females with certain illnesses; females who should take naproxen after ~ 30 mainly of pregnancy will certainly be monitored by a fetal medicine specialist.

What if ns have already taken naproxen throughout pregnancy?

Taking naproxen before mainly 30 that pregnancy is i can not qualify to harm a infant in the womb. However, if you have actually taken or are taking any kind of medicines that is always a an excellent idea come let her doctor recognize that you room pregnant so that you have the right to decide together whether you still require medication.

If you have actually taken naproxen after main 30 of pregnant it is essential that girlfriend let your doctor or midwife know as soon as possible.

Can acquisition naproxen in pregnancy cause miscarriage?

It is unsure whether acquisition naproxen in at an early stage pregnancy can increase the possibility of miscarriage. Of the two studies that investigated heritage in ladies taking naproxen, one found a feasible link v use of naproxen, while one did not. Some research studies have also shown the women that take any kind of NSAID throughout pregnancy are an ext likely to have a legacy than women who perform not.

Can acquisition naproxen in pregnancy cause my baby to it is in born v birth defects?

A baby’s body and most interior organs are formed throughout the an initial 12 main of pregnancy. The is mainly throughout this time that some medications are known to cause birth defects.

A variety of studies have actually investigated feasible links between taking naproxen in the an initial trimester and birth defects. Overall, the existing information does not raise alarm that birth defects are resulted in by usage of naproxen in pregnancy, although recurring research is needed.

What troubles can taking naproxen after 30 weeks of pregnancy reason in my baby?

Premature closure of the ductus arteriosusBefore birth, a blood ship in the baby dubbed the ductus arteriosus needs to stay open to supply the baby in the womb v nutrients and also oxygen native the mother. The ductus arteriosus closes after birth. ‘Premature closure that the ductus arteriosus’ is the clinical term provided to describe this blood courage closing prior to it is supposed to.

Taking naproxen or another NSAID after ~ 30 mainly of pregnancy can reason the ductus arteriosus to close while the baby is in the womb. That is crucial to call your physician or midwife right away if you have actually taken an NSAID ~ 30 main of pregnancy, specifically if you have actually taken number of doses, or more than the encourage dose.

Persistent pulmonary hypertension the the newborn (PPHN)PPHN occurs once a child baby’s lungs perform not it is adapted to breathing outside the womb. The is thought to it is in linked, in some cases, to beforehand closure the the ductus arteriosus (see above). PPHN is typically rare but it deserve to be serious.

Although two tiny studies have displayed a link between PPHN and also taking NSAIDs throughout pregnancy, another larger research did not show a link. Additional research is forced to evaluate the possibility of PPHN complying with exposure in the womb come NSAIDs and specifically come naproxen.

Oligohydramnios (reduced fluid roughly the baby)Use the naproxen or other NSAIDs ~ 30 weeks of pregnant may an outcome in oligohydramnios (where over there is too tiny amniotic fluid in the sac roughly the baby).

Naproxen need to only be taken after main 30 of pregnant under clinical supervision. If you have taken naproxen ~ 30 weeks of pregnancy your obstetrician might wish to inspect the baby (and amniotic liquid levels) by ultrasound scan.

Can taking naproxen in pregnancy cause stillbirth?

No studies have investigated the opportunity of stillbirth specifically adhering to use of naproxen in pregnancy. Two studies of females taking any NSAID in pregnancy carry out not display a connect with stillbirth. While this is reassuring, more research is required to confirm these findings, and also to separately analyse pregnancy outcomes in women taking naproxen.

Can acquisition naproxen in pregnancy cause preterm bear or my baby to be little at bear (low bear weight)?

There is no evidence that usage of any kind of NSAID in pregnancy causes preterm delivery or low infant birth weight.

Can acquisition naproxen in pregnancy reason learning or behavioral problems in the child?

A baby’s brain continues to build right up until the end of pregnancy. It is therefore feasible that taking details medicines at any type of stage the pregnancy might have a lasting result on a child’s learning or behaviour.

No studies have actually assessed learning and behaviour in youngsters exposed in the womb to naproxen.

Can acquisition naproxen in pregnancy cause other health troubles in the child?

AsthmaOne study found that babies whose mothers took naproxen throughout pregnancy did not have a higher chance of occurring asthma by 18 months of period than kids unexposed to naproxen.

Will mine baby require extra monitoring throughout pregnancy?

Most women will be readily available a scan at approximately 20 mainly of pregnancy to look for birth defects as part of their regimen antenatal care. Taking naproxen before 30 mainly of pregnancy would not normally require extra surveillance of your baby.

If you have actually taken naproxen after ~ 30 weeks of pregnancy, extra scans to screen the wellbeing of your baby are most likely to be needed. Discuss this with your midwife/obstetrician.

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Are there any risks come my baby if the father has taken naproxen?

We would certainly not expect any increased threat to your baby if the father take it naproxen prior to or approximately the time your baby was conceived.

Who deserve to I talk to if I have actually questions?

If friend have any type of questions concerning the details in this leaflet please talk about them with your health care provider. They can access much more detailed medical and scientific details from www.uktis.org