TODAY Show co-host Al Roker revealed he had been diagnosed v prostate cancer throughout the Nov. 6 morning broadcast. The weatherperson said viewers the he want to publicly share the news to spread more awareness about prostate cancer, which affects one in nine guys in the unified States and one in 7 African American men (via the American Cancer Society). 

So, is Al leaving TODAY to focus on his health? Keep analysis to uncover out more. 

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"It's a an excellent news, negative news type of thing," the 66-year-old called viewers. "Good news is we captured it early. Not great news is the it's a small aggressive, therefore I'm walking to it is in taking part time off to take care of this." Al will certainly undergo surgical treatment in the following week to have actually his prostate removed.


Dr. Vincent Laudone (Al's doctor) described his diagnosis, informing the public the his cancer "appears somewhat minimal or confined come the prostate."

He continued, "Because it's an ext aggressive, we wanted to law it, and after discussion concerning all that the different choices — surgery, radiation, focal therapy — we cleared up on remove the prostate."

At this time, it has actually not been announced how long Al will certainly be absent from the TODAY Show, however he did tweet that he is hope to be earlier to work in a few weeks. 

"I want to give thanks to everyone sending all the good thoughts, wishes and prayers our way. Looking front to seeing you all in a pair of weeks," the tweeted. 

After revealing his diagnosis, Al's co-workers and also fans flooded society media with well wishes for a speedy recovery. 


alroker," Savannah Guthrie captioned an Instagram pic that the two. "We know you will beat this prostate cancer and also be earlier in no time. Every our love and also prayers. And also thanks because that sharing your journey so that others might be aided too. So lot respect."

Hoda Kotb posted a personal message on she social media around Al, writing, "Our Al. Friend never miss out on a milestone.. You've to be there for all of our moments... An excellent or painful.. Haley's arrival... My chest cancer diagnosis. Recognize this

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