It’s tough to think about Dance Moms without thinking around the infamous pyramid. It caused no shortage the fights between the cast and often dictated who can be performing a solo, duo, trio, or featured component at the competition. Whether the cast was shoot in Pittsburgh, PA, Los Angeles, CA, or abroad, the pyramid was typically along for the ride. But, also the most loyal Dance Moms fans could not recognize the totality truth about the pyramid.

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Dance Moms Season 2 actors | Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Recently, some popular members that the run Moms cast satellite down with Entertainment tonight to promote their brand-new podcast and also to food the details of your days ~ above the well-known Lifetime show. Dr. Holly Hatcher-Frazier, Melissa Gisoni, Kelly Hyland, and Jill Vertes all dropped part unknown gems because that fans, yet one that the biggest surprises surrounding the weekly pyramid. The moms revealed that Abby Lee Miller, dance teacher and owner the the Abby Lee Dance firm (ALDC), didn’t actually have regulate over the pyramid.

The ‘Dance Moms’ producers managed the well known pyramid

Hyland shared that in Season 1 of dance Moms the girls were influenced by having a visual depiction of exactly how they ranked in Miller’s eyes. But, ~ Season 2, the girl realized that the pyramid was only for the benefits of the show. In fact, miller wasn’t also the one who made the pyramid. “They determined that the producers were the one that in reality made the pyramid,” Gisoni shared around her daughters and also the other dancers learning not to placed too much stock right into the pyramid.

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But just due to the fact that the dancers learned no to placed too lot stock right into the pyramid doesn’t average that Miller complied with suit. In fact, she often suggested with the Dance Moms producers around who need to be put where ~ above the pyramid. And also the pyramid wasn’t the just thing that Miller didn’t have control over. The producers also were the ones the handed the end solo, duo, trio, and group assignments. Naturally, this caused tons that friction between them and also Miller.

Miller was constantly fighting through producers

“It constantly started with Abby gift angry with the producers due to the fact that she didn’t prefer either a storyline or the location ,” Vertes, that joined run Moms cast in Season 2, shared. “Because that’s once she would give out you have actually a solo you have actually a duet these human being are in the group. And the producer would determine that and Abby never ever agreed to it. She constantly wanted to change their plans, your pyramid, your solos, for this reason we would wait, we would come sit prepared to film and also sit there sometimes for hours waiting for Abby and also the and the producer to quit their fighting and also arguing.”

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But why to be Miller for this reason insistent about an altering the pyramid come one the she personally i agreeed with? follow to Dr. Hatcher-Frazier, though there was never a pyramid in the ALDC studio prior to filming run Moms, Miller to be constantly ranking her dancers in she mind. Therefore, the was essential for müller to check out a pyramid the reflected where she felt she dancers were.

The ‘Dance Moms’ cast thinks some human being would never ever dance if Miller regulated the pyramid

Furthermore, due to the fact that the pyramid dictated who danced, Miller to be also very adamant around who she felt should be given the possibility to do in what pieces. But, ultimately, Dr. Hatcher-Frazier mutual that the producers making the pyramid to be for the best because it enabled everyone to have an chance to carry out rather than just those who Miller favored.

“If it wasn’t a directive then some kids would never ever dance and also would never ever see one more spot ~ above the pyramid except for the bottom,” the Dance Moms cast member shared. “So i think there had actually to be someone else looking the end sometimes because otherwise some world would be absolutely neglected.” Clearly, there’s a lot more that occurred behind-the-scenes than Dance Moms fans thought. We’re interested in see what other secrets pertained to light currently that the show has officially ended.