Last month we moved out of our 4,000 sq. Ft. House—it’s the quintessential “perfect” residence that we forever dreamed of having. It was the home we built, and the one we never thought we’d desire to relocate away from.

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In the last three years of ours life, things have actually changed. Ironically, that’s about how long back I developed No Sidebar. We have actually felt the convictions (and anxieties) that “more” and also it has progressively weighed united state down. We were much more focused on making a life (to salary the mortgage, ya know) than making a life.

Living in a 4,000 square foot residence is nice, however the reality as soon as you very own a 4,000 square foot house is that it expenses money—a lot of money. Once you live in Illinois, it prices even more money because of the insane residential or commercial property taxes.

And then with a 4,000 square foot house comes the must fill the home—each and every room—with stuff. Choose leather couches, and also pool tables, and also everything else you think friend want, yet really don’t.

We knew it was time to take matters into our very own hands, and we determined to offer our home. Ns feared the I would feel sadness, but now we’re experiencing freedom. Us are building a much smaller home, yet that won’t be ready until November.


In the meantime, we room renting this nice 1800 sq. Ft. Ranch, through a monthly cost 1/2 that of ours previous home. I cannot tell girlfriend how good it feels to it is in (much) wiser v our money.

In his article, The Most important Home to buy Advice You’ll never ever Hear indigenous A Realtor, Joshua provides one of the finest pieces of advice I’ve ever before heard:

“Buy only the residence you need, no the home you deserve to afford.”

I yes, really wish i would have heard this before we developed the home we finished up selling, but as they say, hindsight is 20/20.

I love the human being in my residence far much more than the residence itself, which to me is the single most essential thing. That reminds me of miscellaneous Walt Whitman once said, “We to be together, i forget the rest.”

We have just started a new journey—one wherein we left behind other we assumed we wanted, for something better. Less. And also we won’t look back.

I’ve always known the I produced No Sidebar for a reason, and also quite honestly, I believed that reason was to give. However it thrived into a symbiotic relationship—me and the community—and I have received simply as much.

The neighborhood I built and hoped to inspire, inspired and built me.

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