Growing up, it's generally interpreted that in ~ some suggest in time, you'll need to stop trick-or-treating. Yet why? possibly it simply feels monster to watch a teenager at somebody's doorstep asking for candy on Halloween night. Yet what *is* the exact age for trick-or-treat retirement? The city the Chesapeake, Va. Went so far regarding literally ban trick-or-treating for kids age 13 and also older.

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The harsh ban got so much coverage and also scrutiny, the neighborhood government ended up increasing the period limit to 14 and made that so nobody actually faced any type of jail time. However still, all that fuss end a harmless holiday tradition?

There room no formal period limitations on trick-or-treating. Growing up, you most likely participated in the yearly ritual until it felt weird to store doing it. Or till it felt like you to be the earliest kid top top the block still the end in a Halloween costume asking next-door neighbors for free candy.


We took to Quora to see just how the internet responded come the question. One user, Cara Crawford (a Special education and learning Teacher), says that you should really stop trick-or-treating by the moment you hit puberty. She writes:

"At the ages of say, in between 3–8, children are very clearly children. Civilization generally can think it's cute because that a young human being of that age too walk around in a costume and ask for totally free handouts. In between the eras of 9–12, children can still perform the same, but the 'cuteness' aspect is seriously disappearing."

"By the moment you have actually reached between 13–18 have completely developed breasts and also hips or her voice has started transforming and you've acquired a beard — in addition to the reality that friend may also be old enough to be able to DRIVE to your trick-or-treating spots instead of walking and perhaps even get a project to to buy your very own candy — coming as much as my place in a costume and also standing among the little ones holding your hands out for some complimentary loot isn't cute anymore. It's bordering on annoying."


Another Quora user, Joseph Paul, says that if you're older than 12 and want to walk trick-or-treating, fine. However make certain to put some initiative into your costume. In fact, countless Quora users stated more or less the same thing: If you're a teen and you want to cheat or treat, walk for it! however don't show up in a costume that plainly took you a couple of minutes to placed together. Dress to admire if you desire those complimentary Snickers bars.

"It’s just really agree if friend a) put a TON of initiative into her costume (think cosplay) or, b) if you have actually younger siblings, you can mooch liquid by ‘accompanying’ them. Frankly, i don’t offer one s--t around what is ‘socially acceptable’ and also I setup my Halloween costumes every year. I’m 16. No one has ever refused me candy. No one has ever before told me that I’m as well old, except my very own parents. So, that is really based upon even if it is you room willing to it is in yourself and get laugh at for no actual reason, or even if it is you want to continue to be at home handing out the candy choose an adult."

Some Quora customers think there's no border whatsoever. The allude of trick-or-treating is to have fun, and also it doesn't matter exactly how old or young friend are. Elegant Robertson writes, "This is simply my opinion, however I think you’re never ever too old because that trick-or-treating. If girlfriend take the moment to get dressed up and also you’re ready to go up and down the neighborhood for some candy, then i say go for it."

Again, there's no set-in-stone rule. Some think it's once you struggle puberty, or learn just how to drive a car. Others think you must stop trick-or-treating when you're dead! (And if you have the right to pull the off, imagine how big of a hit her costume will certainly be.)

Dead is to old😂 any kind of other condition, dip your bread and also go because that it. 🥳😎

— NoMore (

If anyone states that you are too old to trick or treat, eliminate them, friend don't need that sort of negativity

— JuggaloRichter (

Another trick-or-treating "rule" that may or might not exist is once the task starts. According to Country Living, you can expect children to start getting here right together the sun begins to set, or a little bit before that (so roughly 5:30 p.m. — yet it depends where you live!). 


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Growing up, tricking-or-treating o'clock to be pretty lot whenever we were done v school and got as lot homework completed together possible. Or, you know, as soon as your friends simply wanted to go. Prefer the question around age, over there isn't a set answer.

Halloween is all around having fun with your friends and family, dressing up, and also eating as lot candy as humanly possible. Shot not come overthink it also much, and have a spooky good time!