Editor’s Note: This post was initially published on might 4, 2020, and also was update in April 2021 to reflect the 3rd stimulus payment.

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As the 3rd round of stimulus checks roll out, numerous Social defense beneficiaries have questions about whether lock qualify for the economic stimulation checks, just how they’ll obtain them, and also whether they need to take any kind of action. Thankfully, the IRS has settled a many the confusion, therefore if you discover yourself scratching your head and also are looking for answers, we’ve obtained you covered.

To assist you know what it way for you, we’ve distilled the most vital information about the coronavirus stimulus checks for Social defense beneficiaries, railroad retirees, and also Social Security special needs Insurance (SSDI) beneficiaries into the height six points you have to know.


1. Yes, Social security beneficiaries, SSDI beneficiaries, and also railroad retirement beneficiaries will obtain a third stimulus check

Will Social protection beneficiaries obtain a 3rd stimulus check/payment? What about retired seniors? If i’m on disability, perform I acquire a third stimulus payment?

These are a couple of of the most usual questions our taxation pros have actually received native clients, and also the prize to every one of them is yes. Everyone eligible who receives Social protection benefits — consisting of railroad retirees receiving railroad benefits, SSDI beneficiaries, and also retired seniors — might qualify for all three stimulus checks — in most cases in the kind of straight deposit payments.

If friend haven’t obtained your 3rd stimulus payment yet, the may simply be a issue of time. Check out on and we’ll synopsis the details because that you.

2. Social security recipients who frequently don’t file do not require to record a taxes return to get their economic stimulation check

Social security recipients perform not have to paper a taxation return to get their 3rd payment.

The IRS is now working through the society Security management and other federal organ to acquire updated 2021 information, and if girlfriend didn’t record a 2019 or 2020 taxes return, lock will instead use her Social Security advantage information (Form SSA-1099 or kind RRB-1099) to determine where to send her payment.

3. There are ways to claim lacking money if friend didn’t acquire the correct amount for yourself or dependents in any type of one the the economic stimulation payments

Social protection beneficiaries that didn’t obtain the correct stimulus amount (from one of two people payment) have actually a couple of ways of declare it.

If your 3rd stimulus was based on your 2019 return and the 2020 return you file would qualify you because that money, the IRS will certainly re-determine her eligibility and issue you second “top-up” payment because that the difference.

If you didn’t gain the exactly amount in your very first or second payments, friend may be able to claim the recovery Rebate credit transaction on her 2020 return this year. The recovery Rebate provides you a taxes credit instead of a straight monetary payment. Learn much more about theRecovery Rebate Credit.

Dependents over age 16 are also eligible for the 3rd stimulus payment. If you obtained custody the a qualifying boy in 2020, you can document your 2020 return now to insurance claim the an initial and 2nd stimulus payments as a recovery Rebate Credit. Nevertheless of whether you obtained your 3rd stimulus payment or not, filing your 2020 return will register that dependent for the third stimulus payment.

4. Girlfriend will most likely receive your stimulus payment the same means you get your society Security, rail retirement, or SSDI benefits

You have to receive her stimulus checks the same method you get your benefits — by straight deposit, debit card, or record check. The IRS has said that the majority of the payment to Social defense recipients and also other commonwealth beneficiaries who carry out not normally file a tax return would be sent out electronically and also received on April 7.

Still getting paper checks? girlfriend canupdate your details for your benefits, however not for your stimulus payment.

5. Social security beneficiaries, rail retirees, and SSDI beneficiaries can examine the standing of their stimulus payment online also if lock didn’t file a 2019 or 2020 taxation return

The IRS has actually updated that is “Get my Payment” portal come accommodate non-filers. You’ll require to get in your personal information before you can click with to check out your status.

If you are seeing “Payment status Not Available” once you inspect the “Get my Payment” tool, there might be three factors why, according to the IRS:

You’re no eligibleYour payment hasn’t been processed yetThe IRS no have sufficient information to concern your payment

6. Stimulus inspect scammers trying come trick Social security beneficiaries are on the rise—Watch out!

As they constantly do, scammers space preying on Social security beneficiaries, SSDI beneficiaries, and also railroad retirees acquiring a stimulus check/payment. This scammers come in all develops — pretending to it is in doctors and government officials for example — to shot and take advantage of unsuspecting victims.

One thing to remember — the IRS will certainly not speak to you or email you regarding the stimulus payment because that retirees and also SSI beneficiaries.If you acquire a call, email, or letter from someone claiming to be the IRS and also asking for your Social defense number or bank account information, you have to report them automatically to theOffice that the Inspector General.

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Need additional information past the economic stimulation payments and also Social security beneficiaries?

We know you may have an ext questions beyond whether civilization on Social defense will gain stimulus checks/payments. Visit ourCoronavirus tax Impactpage because that the recent news and also facts concerning the recent stimulus bill.