Summary: with two separate motors and also a super-fast brush scrubbing action, iRobot Mirra 530 robot swimming pool cleaner is among the most powerful pool cleaners available.

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The Mirra 530 is a powerful robotic pool cleaner that can pump and also filter 70 gallons of water per minute.

It is loaded v many progressed features including dual motors, PVA sponge wheels, a PVC scrubbing brush and also a innovative pool scanning algorithm.

The Mirra 530 is not cheap, however feature-wise, it’s worth the greater price tag.

It cleans well, picking up all kinds that debris and reaching into every nook and also cranny of your pool.

Great buy for any kind of in-ground swimming pool owner.

Keep analysis to learn more.

Cleaning Ability

The Mirra 530 is because that use with in-ground pools only.

There is no set up involved. Simply place the in the pool, plug it right into a GFCI outlet and push ‘CLEAN’.

The Mirra 530 is thorough in that is cleaning and also uses progressed cleaning algorithms come make certain it cleans every inch of the pool.

The pool cleaner doesn’t move roughly randomly like other cleaning robots. Instead, that equipped with the iAdapt Nautiq Responsive cleaning Technology the scans the shape and also dimensions of her pool and also automatically selects the best cleaning cycle.

A 60’ floating cable permits the cleaner to reach every clues in the pool. It cleans the floor, climbs the walls v ease, cleans the waterline and also scrubs the stairs.

With a different motor specialized to pumping, the filters approximately 70 gallons that water a minute. That’s more than a gallon a second.

The PVC brush scrubs debris stuck on the pool surface while the filter captures particles as little as 2 microns (that’s smaller than the dimension of the person hair!).

A rapid look at customer evaluate online mirrors that numerous customers are satisfied v their purchase.

Features we Like

1. Double Motors


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