Just friends! While Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk are safety a the majority of time together and also despite the romantic rumors, the former pair have no rekindled their relationship, a source exclusively tells In Touch

“They’re no dating each other, however they in reality still prefer each other,” the insider tells In Touch. “It no a bitterness breakup, yet initially, they required that time apart. The street was necessary, yet now, castle both in a great place.” 

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The former pair, who share daughter Lea, 4, ignited dating rumors as soon as the Russian model, 35, appeared on the red carpet the Bradley’s latest film, Nightmare Alley, top top Wednesday, December 1. However, follow to the source, Irina was simply there to support the Hangover actor, 46. 

“Irina loves red carpets, she’s good to have actually there because that support, so Bradley invite her come the premiere the his recent film,” the insider says. “While everyone would certainly love to view them get earlier together, castle are simply doing their best to get along and raise a boy together. … They remain close because of Lea.”

The exes, who dated from spring 2015 come June 2019, live nearby each other in the West town of brand-new York City to be active parents to your daughter. 

“They’re both comfortable in their own skin and have relocated on indigenous why they decided to split. Yes sir no time for petty drama,” In Touch‘s resource says. “The love they have actually for Lea surpasses every little thing else. … That’s your number one priority.”


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It shows up that as soon as it comes to dating various other people, it no a optimal priority for the A Star Is Born actor together it may be because that the Victoria secret model — who had a brief fling with Kanye West following his separation from wife Kim Kardashian.

“Bradley is no dating and really isn’t actively looking for someone. He is the kind of man that likes being introduced to who in a social gathering or through friends,” the insider says. “If yes a spark, he’ll go after it. He is not about dating apps or blind dates. He’d rather it be spontaneous, a chance encounter, the old-fashioned way.”

However, Irina is right now on the industry — and also dating apps aren’t turn off the table because that the Sports Illustrated model. 

has plenty of options, she’s been on dates, and also she’s to be on the date apps,” the source says. “She’d love nothing much more to find the best guy.”

Reps for Bradley and also Irina did not automatically respond to In Touch‘s requests because that comment.