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it took an entire year after the release of the iphone 7 because that Apple come start offering a dongle that lets you plug in headphones (or your car’s AUX cable) and also charge in ~ the exact same time. Yet now the here. To apologize is simply selling the thing, mind friend — no making it. In September, Belkin quiet announced a new, second version that its “Rockstar” adapter the now consists of both a 3.5mm jack and also Lightning port. Critical year’s version had actually two Lightning ports, therefore if you wanted to use wired headphones through it, you had actually to plug Apple’s own headphone dongle into another dongle. Walking double-dongle is negative enough top top a laptop, but on a phone?! an excellent grief.

A few days back I chose to fork out the absurd $34.95 the Belkin and also Apple space charging because that this plastic adapter, which is actually $5 cheaper than the Lightning-only model. I did so v reluctance due to the fact that the initial product has actually gotten very so-so client reviews and also is regularly criticized because that its negative reliability and also unfortunate incompatibility through Apple’s own iPhone battery case.

I can’t shake the indignity the comes with using it

So far, this brand-new one is functioning as supposed it to. The adapter does indeed allow you to hear to music with headphones and also charge her iPhone in ~ the exact same time. Audio power is comparable to Apple’s adapter; remember the the headphone DAC is developed into this adapters themselves quite than the iPhone.

But this is a much bigger dongle than the one the comes had with your iPhone, therefore it’s going come look awkward and silly if you’re making use of it out in public. Perhaps you’re who unfazed by that! and if you’re maintaining it in her car, it’s easy enough to ignore what the point looks like. Simply be conscious that it doesn’t have actually the exact same level the flex together Apple’s $10 headphone adapter because the cable is thicker. I wouldn"t try bending it really far.

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This dongle is significantly larger than the iphone headphone adapter. uneven the version v two Lightning ports, there will be no double-dongling with this adapter. You can’t usage it as a headphone splitter. Belkin notes that the Lightning connector is just for syncing and also charging. If girlfriend plug Apple’s dongle or Lightning EarPods right into it, naught happens. In fact, the iphone phone will keep playing audio out of the speakers till headphones are connected to the 3.5mm jack.

This also way that some Lightning equipment (like exterior microphones) won’t work with it, therefore if you a musician or audio pro hoping to usage it together an extender for an iPad in a bulky case, this no going to perform that. The adapter doesn"t administer the crucial data because that those devices.

The brand-new Rockstar’s spec sheet. I’m virtually certainly going to return the new Rockstar soon. I consistently rotate v Bluetooth headphones, and also even when I’ve acquired only mine trusty (wired) $13 Panasonic ErgoFit earbuds v me, there’s seldom a situation where i feel for this reason adamant around simultaneously charging my phone and also listening come music that ns would discover it come be precious a $35 accessory. This in some ways the right iPhone dongle, however it still comes through the very same side dose of indignity as other dongles. But if you’ve been stuck with a chaotic, double-dongle setup in your auto for the past few months, eliminating one of those adapters might an extremely well justification the Rockstar’s high-quality price. You can discover cheaper, off-brand adapters that carry out the same thing ~ above Amazon, but if they don’t have actually the produced iPhone seal, few of those can stop working with future iOS updates.

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I quiet really miss the headphone jack. Yet I"m getting by there is no one. And also without dongles because that the most part.