Crew members last week install the flooring for the state volleyball tournament now underway at the Alliant power PowerHouse in Cedar Rapids. (Savannah Blake/The Gazette)

The Iowa girl High school Athletic Union will wait till January to decide whether to save the state volleyball competition in Cedar Rapids or move to Coralville.

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Athletic Union board members made decision at a meeting Wednesday they desire to gather much more information around netting systems, scoreboards, seating and adjacent hotels because that the contending venues before making a decision.

They detailed how Cedar Rapids’ businesses had actually lighted structures pink to welcome the tournament Monday through Thursday at the Alliant power PowerHouse in downtown Cedar Rapids, which has actually hosted the state competition because that 31 years.

But the welcome hasn’t always been this warm, plank members said.

“They can have been doing some things the past couple of years come say ‘Hey, us love you. This is beneficial to ours community.’ and also not simply rallying the troops since this a decision-making year for us,” said D’Anne Kroemer, a plank member and also athletic director in ~ Pleasant sink High School.

“It’s a big decision because that us,” Union executive Director Jean Berger said.

While the most recent contract in between the Union and the Cedar Rapids venue to be for 10 years, the union is considering a 5-year or 10-year contract because that this next round.

The team plans to gather additional information and also weigh which venue is far better for players, coaches, fans and also administrators.

The group expects to do a decision at its Jan. 12 meeting in Des Moines.

The four-day, 40-team state volleyball tournament generally draws 28,000 to 30,000 people and generates around $2 million in customer spending downtown as players and families remain at hotels, eat at restaurants and also buy gas because that the drive home.

Cedar Rapids and its partners, consisting of the PowerHouse, DoubleTree Hilton Hotel and also Convention Center, the Metro financial Alliance and also VenuWorks, it is registered a proposal come the union previously this fall.

The 9,000-seat arena additionally hosts concerts, rodeos, boat shows and professional basketball, soccer and also indoor football events.

The other challenger for the volleyball tournament is Coralville, which has the new Xtream Arena.

The arena, residence of the college of Iowa volleyball program and the Iowa Heartlanders minor-league hockey team, seats 5,100 — much more with floor seats — and also has warm-up courts in the nearby GreenState family Fieldhouse.

The state volleyball tournament additionally has been an excellent to the athletic union, i m sorry governs every girls high college sports in Iowa.

Greg Ebeling, outgoing board president and superintendent that Pella community Schools, stated Wednesday the tournament makes much more money for the union than any kind of other state tournament, consisting of girls basketball.

Girls wrestling

In other business, the athletic Union board says it will relocate forward through the sanctioning process for girls wrestling now that much more than 50 institutions have created teams.

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“There space 50 schools that have full teams currently (and) rather say they’ve placed resources aside to grow that,” said Erin Kirtley, the athletic Union combine director assigned to girl wrestling. “Once that sanctioning decision is made, I might see another 20 institutions saying ‘we’re in.’ ”

The strong Union will have to decide ~ above a season and what to execute with colleges that only have actually a handful of athletes, amongst other questions, Berger said.