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The Bottom Line

iOS 10 introduces a sleek new visual style to Apple's capable mobile operating system together with smart functionality tweaks and also a revamped message app. The an initial major update, iOS 10.1, introduces new camera attributes for the iphone phone 7 Plus.

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Revamped Messages application with stickers, effects, and also third-party application integrations.New visual style throughout iOS and first-party apps.Portrait mode for iphone 7 Plus.Improved widgets.Interactive and actionable notifications.Improved Music app.Improvements come the mobile photo experience.Siri now works through some apps.Lets friend delete Apple's integrated apps.


Several features require newer devices.Occasionally cluttered design.Predictive text attributes need work.

Apple iOS 10 is not just a brand-new version of the operating mechanism that powers iPhone and also iPads. True, iOS now has actually a sleeker visual design, interaction notifications, and a far much more functional widget screen. But the large additions to the Messages app overshadow most of the other features, make this more than just an additional iteration that the procedure system. This stalwart communication application now does more than just send text messages: It"s one ecosystem in its own right, v stickers, animations, and also third-party app integrations, daunting the likes of on facebook Messenger and also WhatsApp. It"s a game-changer that conveniently outclasses what"s accessible from the competition. Its very first major update, iOS 10.1, adds a brand-new Portrait mode for the dual-camera iphone 7 Plus, happen stunning depth-of-field impacts to smartphone photos. For all of this, iOS 10 is an Editors" selection for mobile operating systems.

When and Where

As with many Apple updates, iOS 10 (including, iOS 10.1, the variation reviewed here) is supported by numerous generations the devices. Every iPhone design from the iphone phone 5 come the iphone 7 ($99.99 at Amazon UK) and 7 Plus have the right to run iOS 10. All iPad Pros, iPad Air and also Air 2 models, 4th-generation iPads, and also iPad minis 2 to 4 can likewise run the new operating system. IPod Touch customers are less lucky, as iOS 10 just supports the most recent devices. Because that this review, ns tested iOS 10.1 ~ above both an iphone phone 6 and also an iphone phone 7 Plus.


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The deep level of control Apple maintains end its hardware and also software means that most human being will download this update. The exact same can"t be said of Android. Even if you"re using a existing Android device, you might not acquire to upgrade it come Android 7.0 Nougat for months, if ever.

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To get iOS 10, you have only to wait until your phone educates you the it"s all set to update. If you can"t wait, just open the settings app, insanity General, and also then tap software Update. Be sure to back up her phone and also keep one AC adapter handy. For much more detailed instructions, you have the right to read how to get iOS 10. Once the update is installed, take some time to acquire to recognize your brand-new OS. Apple has actually a habit that peppering update with mystery features that regularly go unnoticed.