Thursday, November 11th is Veterans Day. That is a day us officially acknowledge the contributions and sacrifice of our American veterans. Plenty of of ours members space veterans. They have served and also sacrificed unselfishly to obtain and protect the freedoms we enjoy, and also too frequently are taken because that granted in this <...>

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President Cabral’s Letter come Congressman Nehls about H.R. 4893, the “Blocking Lawlessness indigenous Undermining Enforcement Act”

On instead of of the international Union that Police Associations, AFL-CIO, ns am proud to announce our assistance of her thoughtful legislation, H.R. 4893, the "Blocking Lawlessness native Undermining Enforcement Act". As countless pound the north to "defund" the police, they, at the exact same time, watch for resources to carry out law <...>

On behalf of the worldwide Union that Police Associations, i am creating to voice our proof of your thoughtful and needed legislation, S. 2426, the "Fund the Police action of 2021". That is agreed top top by everyone the police pressures are dwindling just as violent crime is on the rise. <...>

President Cabral’s Letter to Congresswoman Tenney concerning H.R. 4500, the “Local legislation Enforcement defense Act that 2021”

On behalf of the global Union the Police Associations, i am pleased come endorse her thoughtful legislation, H.R. 4500, the "Local regulation Enforcement defense Act of 2021". This bill requires that state or local governments must not, before receiving any kind of grant under a covered program, have actually in place any kind of law <...>

President Cabral’s Letter come Congressman Katko regarding HR 4828, the “Border defense for America act of 2021”

On behalf of the global Union that Police Associations, AFL-CIO, i am proud come announce our support for her sadly essential legislation, HR 4828, "Border defense for America action of 2021." that is indeed sad the we need a new piece of regulation to protect our country from rampant and <...>


The I.U.P.A. Offers a selection of an excellent benefits for our Members and also their families. Benefits include financial, insurance, residence services, police products, travel and leisure, educational discounts and also scholarships, and much, much more!Member services
The I.U.P.A. Has come to be the many politically influential voice on law enforcement problems at the federal, state, and local level for concerns that influence you and also your community. Us have constantly maintained a presence in Washington, D.C.Legislative Agenda
The I.U.P.A. Gives legal assistance to regulation enforcement officers and also union leaders on regulation enforcement legitimate concerns. We stand for parties, in both criminal and also civil matters, in instances of attention to the legislation enforcement profession.Legal services
It is our continuous desire to save our supporters’ institutions top the mind and also to carry out the support and benefits they need to offer, as we room confident, that the services and also products they provide are the remedies our members seek.Support I.U.P.A.
The I.U.P.A. Study Department completes wage and also benefits surveys, study reports, and other jobs that benefit our Locals and the regulation Enforcement Community. A library that previous study reports room available.Research department
Become one I.U.P.A. Sponsor to show your assistance for the legislation Enforcement Community.The I.U.P.A. Represents LEOs across the unified States and also in its territories of the U.S. Virgin Islands and also Puerto Rico.Sponsorship

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