What is George H.W. Bush known for?

George H.W. Shrub is best known for being the president throughout the Persian Gulf War.

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He’s likewise known because that his political family: His child George followed in his footsteps as president, and his son John “Jeb” bush served as the branch of Florida.

George, son of George H.W.

Early Life

George Herbert Walker bush was born in 1924 in Milton, Massachusetts come Dorothy and also Prescott Bush. His dad Prescott to be a banker, and also later a U.S. Senator.

Soon after George was born, the household moved to Connecticut. Although the family was wealthy, they lived modestly and also emphasized the prestige of giving earlier to others.


When he was a teenager, George left residence to attend a boarding school in Massachusetts called Phillips Academy Andover.

He to be the an elderly class president and also the captain of the soccer and baseball teams.

George i graduated on his eighteenth date of birth in 1942. That same day, he join the United claims Navy. He ended up being the youngest pilot in the Navy.


During world War II, shrub went top top 58 combat missions. During one mission, his plane was shot down by Japanese soldiers, and also he parachuted into the ocean.

He was rescued by a submarine and also awarded the distinguished Flying Cross.

After gift discharged indigenous the marine in 1945, bush went come Yale University. The led the baseball team to 2 College World collection and earn a degree in economics by 1948.


Family Life

While he to be still in the Navy, bush married Barbara Pierce. The pair met in ~ a country club dance during the Christmas holidays.

The couple had 6 children: George, John, Neil, Marvin, Dorothy, and Robin, who passed away of leukemia at a young age.


Political Career

After graduating indigenous Yale, Bush and also his family members moved come Texas, where he functioned in the oil industry for countless years.


Bush’s politics career started when he became the chairman the the Republican Party in Harris County, Texas. In 1966, he was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, wherein he served for 2 terms.

President Richard Nixon

President Nixon appointed shrub as the ambassador come the United nations in 1970. In 1973, he was appointed together the chairman of the Republican nationwide Committee.

Under president Gerald Ford, shrub was a diplomatic envoy to China and also later the director of the CIA.

President Gerald Ford

When Ford shed the presidency to Jimmy Carter, Bush available to proceed working together the director of the CIA, yet Carter declined.

The family returned to Houston, and Bush started planning because that the 1980 presidential election.

President Jimmy Carter

During the campaign, bush fell behind Ronald Reagan in the Republican primary. Luckily, Reagan chose bush to it is in his running mate.

Reagan won the election, and also Bush served as his vice president for two terms. In 1988, bush ran because that president again and also won.

President Ronald Reagan


Foreign policy was a significant part that Bush’s presidency. The Cold battle was coming to one end, and also he assisted improve relations with the Soviet Union.

Bush and also the Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev signed the Strategic arms Reduction contract in 1991.

Manuel Noriega

Military Operations

Bush additionally authorized military operations in Panama and also in the Persian Gulf. In Panama, the joined States toppled the corruption dictator Manuel Noriega, who was also trafficking drugs into the U.S.

When the Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein attacked Kuwait and threatened to attack Saudi Arabia, bush organized a coalition that 30 countries to hit back versus Iraq.


The United states led operation Desert Storm, which had an waiting attack and also a ground attack in Iraq.

The Iraqi army was soon compelled out the Kuwait, and Hussein had actually to agree to restrictions on his government.


Domestic Policies

At home, bush passed the Americans v Disabilities action of 1990 and also the Clean Air plot Amendments of 1990. He likewise appointed Clarence Thomas and also David Souter to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Near the end of Bush’s presidency, the economy began to struggle. He had originally promised “no new taxes” but had to go ago on this promise to resolve an increasing spending plan deficit.


Although his foreign policies make him popular with the American public, breaking the “no new taxes” promise lost bush many the his supporters.

He ran for re-election but lost come Arkansas governor Bill Clinton.

After the Presidency

Bush and also his wife returned to Houston, Texas, whereby they typically volunteered in their community.

George H. W. Bush Presidential Library and also Museum

In 1997, he opened the George shrub Presidential Library and Museum ~ above the campus the Texas A&M university in college Station, Texas.

Later, bush worked v Bill Clinton to raise funds because that people affected by Hurricane Katrina and the 2004 Indian s tsunami. They founded the Bush-Clinton Houston Tsunami Fund.


George H.W. Bush died ~ above November 30, 2018 at the age of 94, 7 months after ~ his mam Barbara.

After a state funeral in ~ the nationwide Cathedral in Washington, D.C., shrub was buried at his Presidential Library together his wife and his daughter, Robin.

Fun Facts around George H.W. Bush

In 1993, 17 human being were arrested in Kuwait for plotting come assassinate George H.W. Bush using a car bomb.


That same year, shrub was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II. He to be the third U.S. Chairman to get this honor.

Bush and also his wife Barbara were married because that 73 years, the longest marriage of any type of U.S. Chairman and very first Lady in history.

To memory his 85th birthday, shrub went skydiving.

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Bush’s son George was the governor of Texas, while his son Jeb was the governor of Florida.

When George was elected president in 2000, the father and also son ended up being only the 2nd father-son presidential duo in U.S. History. (The first was john Adams and also John Quincy Adams in 1824.)

President man Adams

In the shrub family, George H.W. Was regularly referred to together “Forty-One,” if George W. Was described as “Forty-Three.”