For six periods of “Sex and the City” and two movies, Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and also Charlotte met weekly in Manhattan for brunch to giggle and also gab end mimosas.

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The ideal friends led fabulous lives. Donning designer duds, they would certainly hit every downtown party late right into the night, snag brand-new York’s sexy men and cry on every other’s shoulders when those men turned out to be pigs. Burgers and also Bigs came and also went, however the main point quartet was rock solid.

“Maybe our girlfriends are our soul mates,” states Carrie, play by buy it Jessica Parker, in one “Sex and also the City” episode.

A pretty thought. However fans couldn’t help but wonder: If the were true, why is Kim Cattrall, who plays Samantha on the original show, being left out of the renewal HBO Max series, “And just like That,” which to be announced critical week? The present is said to delve into the complexities the the ladies’ NYC stays in their 50s — but not the of p.r. Powerhouse Samantha Jones, a pop society icon.

Die-hards were devastated. Wherein the other personalities get captured up in dramatic tailspins and career woes over the year — a sad Carrie dining alone on her 35th birthday at Il Cantinori; a frazzled Miranda navigating life as a single mom and lawyer — Samantha is every sex and fun. Her median plotline centers approximately “Should i bed this Staten Island firefighter?”(She does.)

The “And as with That” slight to be all too familiar. 2 years ago, Kristin Davis, 55, who plays prissy Upper east Sider Charlotte, post a nostalgic photograph on Instagram from the 2004 Emmy Awards, mirroring herself, Parker and Cynthia Nixon (who theatre Miranda) beaming next to two glistening statuettes — winner by Parker and Nixon for their performances. I do not have anything to it is in seen? Cattrall.

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“Super happy memories and wishing pleasure to anyone tonight,” Davis’ inscription coos. “We space all so extremely lucky to get to carry out what us do!”

That night, a party was thrown for the last season, and, as web page Six reported at the time, Cattrall was the only among the 4 to not be invited because she had yet to authorize onto the planned film. (She ultimately did, and it to be released in 2008.) The totality evening, Cattrall was persona no grata in a pink Pamella Roland gown.

“No one talked to Kim except for when won her award and kissed her,” a source said. “That kiss to be staged.”

While on-screen the actresses were every smiles and puns, when the camera quit rolling, they had actually knives behind their backs.

Kim Cattrall (far left) won’t it is in returning because that the HBO Max “Sex and also the City” revival, titled “And similar to That.” collection stars Cynthia Nixon, buy it Jessica Parker and also Kristin Davis will certainly take part.NY short article illustration/Getty Images

Cattrall and also Parker’s long-brewing feud was laid ceiling for every to watch in 2018, when Cattrall’s absent brother, Christopher, was discovered dead in Canada. The actress, currently 64, took to Instagram to call out Parker, 55, that had carried up the tragedy in a TV interview.

“My mother asked me this day ‘When will certainly that
sarahjessicaparker, that hypocrite, leaving you alone?,"” Cattrall composed in the caption. “Your continuous reaching out is a painful reminder of just how cruel you yes, really were then and now. Permit me do this very clear. (If i haven’t already) You room not mine family. You space not mine friend. For this reason I’m writing to tell you one last time to protect against exploiting our tragedy in stimulate to regain your ‘nice girl’ persona.”

She climate told her followers to “copy and also paste link” to a post story, “Inside the average girls society that damaged ‘Sex and the City.’”

Cattrall never took under that Instagram post.

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Beyond the fisticuffs, there were smaller slaps along the way.

The Post’s Cindy Adams reported in 2009 that, throughout the practically two months as soon as the women were filming “Sex and the City 2” in Morocco, there was no familiar socializing off-screen. They even slept in separate luxury hotels.

Cattrall and also Davis both stayed at the Amanjena, Parker at La Mamounia and Nixon at the Es Saadi. One night, Cattrall and Davis had actually overlapping dinner appointments in the same restaurant, and also didn’t sit v each other.

A similar scene supposedly played out during an previously shoot in Atlantic City, NJ, once Parker rented a residence for her, Davis and also Nixon, when Cattrall remained on she own.

An HBO spokesman stated at the time, “Kim remained in a various house due to the fact that she to be married at the time, and also her husband was an alleged to come.”

When Nixon, 54, unsuccessfully ran for brand-new York governor in 2018, Parker donated $5,000 come the campaign, and also Davis handed over $2,000. Cattrall’s only endorsement come in a tweet: “I assistance & respect any former colleague’s ideal to make their own career choices.”

The remark was not out of character because that the actress, who has, in the years because “Sex and the City” ended, maintained the gal-pal action was simply for show.

“We’ve never ever been friends,” she told Piers Morgan in a 2017 interview. “We’ve to be colleagues, and in some ways it’s a really healthy place to be, since then you have a clean line between your skilled life and relationship and also your personal.”

The remark stung Parker, that countered through her own version ~ above “Watch What wake up Live” a few months later.

just heartbroken,” Parker told organize Andy Cohen. “I mean, that totality week, you and also I spoke about it endlessly, since I to be just, ns don’t know, I found it an extremely upsetting, since that’s not the method I recall our experience.”

“We’ve never ever been friends.”

But the last irony, perhaps, is Cattrall’s exclusion from the brand-new 10-part HBO Max show, because that which the actresses will apparently rake in an ext than $1 million per episode. In the past, Cattrall had battled for much better paychecks for herself and, in for this reason doing, for her co-stars. Prior to the first film, a source told web page Six, “Kim’s been bragging come everyone the she hosted out for an ext money on the movie and, in turn, got far better salaries” for Davis and also Nixon.

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Page Six also reported in 2017 that a 3rd film was on the brink of gift made before Cattrall scuttled it.

“People to be expecting to walk to work,” a resource said. “It’s true. Castle were claimed to begin shooting . Kim was negotiating and also was questioning for things the studio wouldn’t go for, so they traction the plug.”

Cattrall denies this, yet tweeted in ~ the time, “The just ‘DEMAND’ I ever before made to be that ns didn’t want to perform a 3rd film . . . & the was earlier in 2016.”

Parker has been maintaining it politic around Cattrall being left the end of the new show, yet Carrie-like politeness didn’t stop her from introduce to her previous co-star in the previous tense ~ above Instagram ~ a pan commented the she’d “miss Kim/Samantha.”