SAN QUENTIN, Calif. — through executions on host in California and a death penalty appeals procedure that have the right to take years, many inmates on the nation’s largest fatality row say they spend tiny time worrying about the lethal injection that might one day death them.

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“It’s virtually like it’s not even a genuine punishment because that a the majority of people,” stated Charles Crawford at mountain Quentin State Prison, whereby the vast majority of the state’s nearly 750 condemned inmates are held.

Crawford, who has gone to San Quentin because 2002 for killing two people, spoke throughout a rare tour by jail officials of fatality row and also the fatality chamber, v its sea environment-friendly gurney whereby executions by lethal injection would take ar if they resumed.

The tourism on Tuesday come as the state considers a one-drug execution protocol to replace a three-drug technique that a federal judge invalidated in 2006 as a possibly cruel and unusual punishment.

Voters in 2016 may also get a possibility to sweet in on competing death penalty steps — one would scrap capital punishment, and also the other would rate up executions by offering inmates with an ext appellate lawyers and also faster appeals.

A safety walks along the eastern Block of san Quentin’s fatality row ~ above Dec. 29.Reuters

“By the moment they gain to me, I’m walking to it is in dead anyway,” said Charles Case, 75, who killed two human being at a bar during a robbery.

Case to be alone in a cabinet behind a mesh door in the musty, five-tier east Block, whereby most death row inmates space housed. Countless of the cells were dark, their citizens quietly lying on their beds. A sign exterior Case’s cell shown his “kosher” meal preference.

Since 1978, California has executed 13 people. Much more than 90 various other inmates have died of natural reasons or suicide, according to jail officials. The 10th anniversary that the state’s critical execution is Jan. 17.

Case described San Quentin together the “worst place he’s ever before been,” and said after ~ 19 year there, he was ready to die.

“Don’t abolish the death penalty, solve it,” he said, sit on an i rejected white bucket while keying a letter come his attorney.

Inmate Robert Galvan was standing in mountain Quentin’s recreation garden on Dec. 29.AP

A few cells down, Richard Hirschfield, claimed he, too, would likely die before his execution.

Hirschfield to be convicted in 2012 the kidnapping and murdering 18-year-old college sweethearts and sexually assaulting the woman. That is in his late 60s and also said he is diabetic.

East Block inmates obtain a minimum of 10 hours of recreation time a main in a yard that contains heavy bags and also basketball courts, san Quentin spokesman Lt. Sam Robinson said. They can additionally communicate with bordering inmates.

Hirschfield claimed he elects to invest his job in his cell and also keep come himself. He got hold of his cabinet bars and also pulled self up native his bed, demonstrating one of the exercises he said he go to try to remain fit.

“It’s enough for an old man,” he said.

Inmates described their stays as monotonous, spent reading or city hall the news or various other programs on little televisions the prison public representative say have to be purchased. Many said they were innocent and also declined come talk around their convictions.

San Quentin State PrisonReuters

Raul Sarinana, 48, makes pencil drawings and proudly shown a card with a puppy hold a climbed in the mouth within a gigantic heart. The map said, “Thinking that You.”

Sarinana and his mam were convicted in 2009 the torturing and murdering their 11-year-old nephew.

He stated he do the map for another inmate who wanted to send it come family. The exchanges his illustrations for pencils and also other supplies. “I perform my illustrations to acquire through my day,” he said. “I don’t think around tomorrow.”

The finest behaved inmates at mountain Quentin are in the north Segregation unit, wherein they obtain to spend an ext time out of your cells than other condemned inmates, Robinson said.

Scott Peterson, amongst San Quentin’s most renowned inmates, was within a caged out basketball court in ~ the unit. He turned his ago to reporters and declined to it is in interviewed, speak he wasn’t interested, “thank you.”

Scott Peterson (center) was standing with various other inmates in the garden on Dec. 29.Reuters

Peterson was convicted of killing his wife Laci, that was 8 months pregnant v their son, and also dumping her body in mountain Francisco just on Christmas eve 2002. He has actually maintained his innocence.

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Steve Livaditis, 51, one more condemned inmate, shot a basketball close to Peterson. He pleaded guilty to 3 counts of killing in a 1986 robbery in ~ a Beverly Hills jewel shop and also said that accepts his fate.

“Whatever the outcome is, I’m walk to assume it’s God’s will,” that said. He later added, “I wish I had not done what i did, but there’s no means to go ago now.”