Jenna Johnson knew the press would be on for Season 30 the “Dancing v the Stars” — however never suspect an injury to occur this early in the competition.

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The agree dancer, 27, exclusively told page Six that she had to take it a day off from rehearsals Tuesday after ~ hurting her knee during her and also JoJo Siwa’s history-making regimen at the finish of Monday night’s premiere.

“I should have actually known that there was going to it is in a defect in the system, but no one had ever done this before. Ns slipped top top JoJo’s dress, and also both my feet actually came out indigenous under me,” Johnson said of her live TV mishap. “While I was in that process of trying to squeeze and not fall … my knee type of tweaked, kind of slipped the end of place, came ago in.

“Very unfortunate, yet there’s no method that ns would miss out on week two!” she confirmed. “They make me take a day off to simply rest. So, icing the knee, but I feeling fine. I did some treatment last night.”

Jenna Johnson and JoJo Siwa made history as the first same-sex partners on “Dancing through the Stars.”ABC

Johnson shared that Siwa, 18, FaceTimed her double Tuesday to examine in — and to make sure she to be practicing her week 2 dance correctly.

“She is the sweetest person in the world,” Johnson gushed. “She’s just, like, star student, currently practicing in ~ home.”

Johnson admitted to web page Six that she initially felt choose the incident took far from Siwa’s very anticipated premiere night. The two space making background this season as the very first same-sex dance pair to contend for the mirrorball trophy.

“Obviously, ns so disappointed due to the fact that I feel favor I took far from JoJo’s moments, since this was such an epos night because that us, for ‘Dancing through the Stars,’ because that her,” Johnson explained. “But i think that even with this stupid tiny slip-up, walk incredible. Also with the fall, i think it emphasize her, because it verified what a an excellent partner she is.”

Johnson and Siwa scored a 29/40 in the Season 30 premiere, the highest of the night.ABC

Despite Season 30 being Johnson’s 6th time competing with a companion on “DWTS,” the “So you Think You deserve to Dance” alum revealed she was “so nervous” front of Monday’s premiere because of the included pressure of gift paired v a woman celebrity.

“I have actually never felt those type of nerves that i did night … i didn’t understand what come expect,” she confessed. “I to be so nervous because that , and also for people’s responses, since this is very different and also this is a very large step forward.”

Johnson said that every her nerves walk away, however, as soon as their partnership to be officially announced top top live TV.

“I simply felt at peace, and that was very reassuring to me. That like, ‘This is what I’m an alleged to it is in doing right now, and this was supposed to be,’” she recalled. “If JoJo has this ship to perform this really scary thing, climate I can as well. So it was every sorts that emotions, however it to be very, really thrilling.”

This is Johnson’s 6th season as a pro on “DWTS.”ABC

Johnson claimed Siwa’s “infectious” energy is already rubbing off on she in rehearsals, too. The Utah indigenous credits her dance companion for currently “changing” she life in a selection of ways.

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“JoJo’s told me that due to the fact that she was little, she’s just always been yes, really open, to everything. Because that me, that’s to be a big lesson because I think periodically I deserve to be a small bit referee or a little bit hesitant,” Johnson explained. “To watch her simply be so accepting and loving that anyone, anything, everything you believe, whoever you desire to love, everyone you desire to run with, has been for this reason awesome and really inspiring.

“I hope to have that new sort the outlook top top life relocating forward,” she added. “And i hope to carry out this season justice with JoJo. Ns don’t take this function lightly; i’m very, very excited to check out what we can produce.”