Reportedly, contestant significant Charles Ingram appeared on the game display hosted by Charles Tarrant in 2001

When Who desires To be A Millionaire Contestant Charles Ingram recorded Cheating on The show (Photo Credit: IMDb)

Who wants To it is in A Millionaire? is an international television game show franchise of brothers origin. The show, which an initial aired in 1998, gained substantial popularity worldwide. However did you recognize one of the contestants was accused of cheating top top the live show? read on for an ext details.

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Reportedly, contestant major Charles Ingram appeared on the game show hosted by Charles Tarrant in 2001. The even regulated to success the £1m jackpot by answering 15 inquiries correctly. However, what followed later rattled the human being when the reality was exposed.

As reported by iNews, when significant Charles Ingram’s time in ~ the chair nothing appeared amiss however producers end up being suspicious as a an outcome of audience member Tecwen Whittock, who coughed whenever Ingram answer a question correctly. He was also joined in the studio by his wife Diana sit in the audience in addition to their accomplice and also fellow contestant Whittock.



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Watch the video clip below:

Charles Ingram and also his mam Diana to be arrested in 2003 and had to face a trial in ~ Southwark Crown Court. Every three maintained innocence. However, after 4 weeks the trio was discovered guilty of conspiring to cheat the show. Lock were even sentenced come a jail hatchet which to be then suspended. The Ingrams to be ordered to pay £15,000 together a good while Whittock had to pay a fine of £10,000.

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Later in 2013, Charles and his mam Diana showed up on This Morning in April 2013, where they protested your innocence. The said, “I need to clarify something and also I will only say that once, then I will go on and speak ~ above the victim side. Us did no cheat top top this show. We had actually no plans to cheat top top this show. I’m no going to get this money perfect honestly, relatively and squarely.”

Charles Ingram additionally said, “And while i was sitting there in the centre of the studio, ns didn’t an alert a sneeze at all. I was totally oblivious. Together for the victims. I have heard many human being say, “It is a victimless crime. In fact, there space three victims. We need to never have been uncovered guilty top top the proof presented in court. We have been discovered guilty ~ above a very great story.”

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