Six-time IndyCar series champion Scott Dixon to be the more quickly Wednesday top top the 2nd day that Indianapolis 500 practice. Dixon paced the session in ~ 226.829 mph.(AP/Darron Cummings)

INDIANAPOLIS -- Ed Carpenter Racing, fresh turn off its an initial victory since 2016, brought fast cars come Indianapolis engine Speedway through every intentionally of completing a sweep in its very own backyard.

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Six-time IndyCar collection champion Scott Dixon to be fastest Wednesday top top the second day of Indianapolis 500 practice, but he to be followed very closely by the American combo of Conor Daly and Ed Carpenter.

Both room from Indianapolis through deep ties to the speedway, and also ECR has actually been known to raise its video game for the Indy 500. Team owner Carpenter, the stepson of former track owner Tony George, is a three-time Indy 500 pole-winner. He finished 2nd in 2018, as soon as he started from the pole and also led a race-high 65 laps.

Daly, the stepson of track president Doug Boles, is ago with ECR for a 2nd consecutive season in the 500 and looking to put together a full race. Daly"s finest career end up was 10th in 2019.

But the team obtained a rise last weekend once Rinus Veekay winner on the roadway course at Indianapolis, the an initial career IndyCar collection victory for the 20-year-old Dutchman. He"s among three first-time winners through 5 races this season -- four of the winners room aged 24 or younger.

"Anytime you win a race, and it is so hard to success races in this series, so anytime a driver, a auto on your team wins a race, ns think that does an increase everyone up," Carpenter said. "You know, friend don"t gain to memory the Indy GP as lengthy as you perform some that the other races due to the fact that we"re just transforming the page and getting ready for the 500. However it renders it less complicated for the males that come right into work excited about spending many of the month out here."

Dixon paced the session in ~ 226.829 mph through Honda power from Chip Ganassi Racing.

Daly was 2nd at 226.372 and followed through Carpenter in ~ 226.103 in your Chevrolet-powered entries. Veekay, who crashed throughout an open up test in ~ Indy last month and also broke his finger, to be 11th ~ above the last speed chart.

"I think that tells us where we"re act the right things and using our resources in the right way, making use of our human being in the right means and the following step is just being consistent," Carpenter said.

It to be the Ganassi group that to be most consistent as leader Dixon was adhered to by teammate Marcus Ericsson, that sat atop the speed chart many of Wednesday before fading come fourth. Former Indy 500 winner Tony Kanaan was 5th fastest and also Alex Palou, another one the IndyCar"s first-time winners this season, to be eighth.

Dixon wasn"t sure just how indicative Wednesday exercise was that where groups actually stand best now. There space two an ext full days of practice prior to qualifying begins Saturday and also the pole is determined Sunday.

"I think as most will say, the huge times don"t really average much. You just kind of get a little bit lucky and also throw castle up, but I think ours cars certainly have good speed," Dixon said. "At least being able to obtain speed out of the car is always kind the nice. We"ve obtained a lengthy list of ingredient to occupational through."

It"s been sluggish going for rookie R.C. Enerson, who didn"t complete his rookie orientation regimen on Tuesday and needed extra track time Wednesday to acquire his top Gun gyeongju entry approved. By the time the team perfect adjustments top top the vehicle it was "Happy Hour" and also Top Gun made decision not to send Enerson top top track for the final hour the practice.

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He will gain his very first practice time today.


Conor Daly talks with his crew throughout practice because that the Indianapolis 500 auto gyeongju at Indianapolis motor Speedway, Wednesday, might 19, 2021, in Indianapolis. (AP Photo/Darron Cummings)