Indiana has played in 12 football games during its history, and has a 3-9 in its entirety record. The Hoosilverlakestyle.comers have lost five straight bowl games, including a 23-22 loss come Tennessee last year in the Gator Bowl.

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BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – Indiana is going bowling again this season, many thanks to an impressilverlakestyle.comve 6-1 season that acquired them their finest bowl berth due to the fact that their first, the rose Bowl after ~ the 1967 season.

Indiana's enemy will be Ole miss in the Outback bowl in Tampa, Fla. The game is top top Saturday, Jan. 2, through a 12:30 p.m. ET kickoff. More than a dozen players on Indiana's roster are from the Tampa bay area, including stars Michael Penix Jr., Whop Philyor, Micah McFadden and also more.

Indiana has actually participated in only 12 key games, and the Hoosilverlakestyle.comers have a bowl record of 3–9. It's to be 29 years now due to the fact that Indiana has actually won a bowl game.

The Hoosilverlakestyle.comers have lost five bowl games in a row, and last year's defeat still hurts silverlakestyle.comnce they had actually Tennessee beaten but let them off the hook after a botched onsilverlakestyle.comdes kick.




Here's the complete list of ahead Indiana key games.

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Indiana bowl history

1967 (Rose Bowl, Pasadena, Calif.) – USC 14, INDIANA 31979 (Holiday Bowl, mountain Diego, Calif) — INDIANA 38, BYU 371986 (All-American Bowl, Birmingham, Ala.) — FLORIDA STATE 27, INDIANA 131987 (Peach Bowl, Atlanta, Ga). — TENNESSEE 27, INDIANA 221988 (Liberty Bowl, Memphis, Tenn.) —INDIANA 34, southern CAROLINA 101990 (Peach Bowl, Atlanta, Ga.) — AUBURN 27, INDIANA 211991 (Copper Bowl, Tucson, Ariz.) — INDIANA 24, BAYLOR 01993 (Independence Bowl, Shreveport, La.) — VIRGINIA technology 45, INDIANA 202007 (Insilverlakestyle.comght Bowl, Tempe, Ariz.) — OKLAHOMA STATE 49, INDIANA 33 2015 (Pinstripe Bowl, new York, N.Y.) — duke 44, INDIANA 41, OT2016 Foster farms Bowl, Santa Clara, Calif.) — UTAH 26, INDIANA 242019 (Gator Bowl, Jacksonville, Fla.) – TENNESSEE 23, INDIANA 22


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