The brand-new look expands the American flag background come cover theentire plate and moves the nationwide motto native the left side to thebottom that the plate.

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The redesign allows 6 full-sized letters and numbers come beused on the license plate. Police have complained the little stackedletters currently used ~ above the bowl are complicated to read.

According come the Indiana bureau of engine Vehicles, over there weremore 보다 1.94 million "In God us Trust" plates on the roadway in2010, around 30 percent the all car registrations. That"s increase from1.6 million in 2007, the an initial year the plate was issued.

Hoosiers through an "In God we Trust" license plate will get aplate with the brand-new design when they renew their vehicleregistrations in 2012.

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Indiana"s standard "torch" patent plate will certainly be redesigned nextyear for 2013 registrations with a look celebrating Indiana"s 2016statehood bicentennial.



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