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In The big Bang Theory’s eleventh season, Sheldon and also Amy plan a wedding, Howard and also Bernadette resolve the surprised news of one more pregnancy, Leonard and Penny wonder even if it is they should be acquisition a huge step front too, and Raj finds new self-confidence together he keeps searching for the one.

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Sheldon & Amy

After Amy accepts Sheldon’s proposal, Sheldon decides to continue to be with Amy in Princeton because that a few days. After Sheldon security the whole evening talking around himself, he and also Amy have actually their an initial argument together an engaged couple. Sheldon vows to shot be better at share the spotlight through her.

As Sheldon and also Amy start to arrangement their wedding, they use decision theory to limit the anxiety of choosing in between their contending visions because that the big day. After ~ they start to question each other’s decisions and also make deliberately provocative choices, they decide to have a an easy wedding in ~ City Hall. Together they wait their turn, Sheldon alters his mind and also decides he desires a an initial dance with Amy at a genuine wedding.

When Amy sees Sheldon obsessively tying and also untying his bow tie the day prior to their wedding, Amy speak him it doesn"t should be even due to the fact that sometimes a tiny asymmetry watch good. ~ above the day of the wedding, Sheldon stop his mom from trying come straighten his bow tie, speak it"s an alleged to be a small asymmetrical. When Mary comments that occasionally it’s the imperfect ingredient that makes things perfect, Sheldon has a speed of inspiration and also rushes to see Amy. Sheldon and Amy’s wedding is delayed as they excitedly work on a new theory the “super asymmetry”.

Leonard & Penny

After Sheldon reminds the guys around the time lock mined Bitcoin without him, the men go top top a pursuit to uncover their suddenly an important missing cryptocurrency. They establish the money is on a laptop i beg your pardon Leonard gave to Penny as soon as they dating, i beg your pardon she then provided to she ex-boyfriend Zack. ~ Leonard and also Penny walk to Zack"s apartment, he mirrors them a seven-year-old video that Penny recorded on the laptop shortly after she broke up through Leonard. Leonard is touch by the video which mirrors a drunk coin lamenting the split of her connection with him.

When Leonard receive a braggy Christmas letter native his brother, that feels bad about how small he and also Penny have completed in the previous year. Leonard wonders if he and Penny have to be thinking about the following step after two years that marriage, choose buying a home or having actually a baby. Penny tells him she desires to do all those things someday, however she has a bunch of ingredient she would like to execute first.

Howard & Bernadette

When Bernadette speak Howard the she is expecting again, he is when again floored with fear around raising another child, particularly when the learns it’s a boy. Howard, who isn"t athletically inclined, issues he will certainly not be able to relate to a child who could one day expect his dad to it is in the stereotypical father. Regardless of his finest attempts to obtain out the it, Howard has a vasectomy come avoid any kind of future surprises and is inserted on bed rest, joining his pregnant wife at home.

After the bear of Michael, Howard and Bernadette are unsure who need to stay home with the kids. Howard decides to look after the children one work to show he has actually what it takes to treatment for them. While Bernadette falls back in love through her project on a expedition to the office, Howard is conveniently tired and realizes he could not have what that takes to be a stay-at-home dad. Howard and also Bernadette realize neither them is ready to give up your job.


Raj starts seeing Bernadette’s co-worker, Ruchi, who advises him she wasn’t interested in a serious relationship. As soon as she feels points are getting too serious, Ruchi breaks points off. Raj briefly it s okay entangled in an additional couple’s messy break-up when the starts dating Nell and then befriends she ex-boyfriend, Oliver.

When Raj decides to use for a project hosting mirrors at the Griffith Planetarium, that realizes the is low on self-confidence. Raj decides he needs some time far from Howard, who he feel is constantly placing him down. Ultimately, Raj gets the job and patches things up through Howard, who feelings were hurt through the suddenly break-up.

Notable Guest Stars

Riki Lindhome reprised her duty as Ramona Nowitzki in the season premiere, “The Proposal Proposal”. Stephen Hawking additionally made his final appearance in the episode.

Laurie Metcalf went back as Sheldon’s mother, Mary, in 3 episodes this season. Christine Baranski reverted as Dr. Beverly Hofstadter in two episodes. Wil Wheaton guest starred in three episodes. Brian Posehn showed up as Bert in 3 episodes. John Ross Bowie reverted as Barry Kripke in 3 episodes this season.

Regina King reprised her function as Janine Davis in “The Retraction Reaction”. Bob Newhart returned as Arthur Jeffries in “The Proton Regeneration”. Dean Norris reprised his role as Colonel Williams in “The Tesla Recoil”. Brian cutting board Smith changed as Zack in “The Bitcoin Entanglement”. Brian George guest starred together Raj’s father, Dr. Koothrappali, in “The trust Erosion”. Joshua Malina reprised his duty as president Siebert in “The financial Insufficiency”.

Swati Kapila had a recurring duty as Ruchi in three episodes. Lauren Lapkus began a recurring function as Denise, appearing in 2 Season 11 episodes. Jerry O’Connell guest starred as Sheldon’s larger brother, Georgie, in two episodes.

Walton Goggins (Justified) and Beth Behrs (2 broke Girls) guest starred in “The Separation Triangulation”. Peter MacNicol (Ally McBeal) guest starred in “The Reclusive Potential”.

Microsoft co-founder Bill gates made a cameo illustration in “The gateways Excitation”. Writer Neil Gaiman showed up as himself in in “The Comet Polarization”.

Oscar-winning actress Kathy Bates guest starred in the season finale, “The Bow Tie Asymmetry”, together Amy’s mother. Magician novelist player Amy’s father. Note Hamill guest starred as himself. Courtney Henggeler reprised her duty as Sheldon’s twin sister, Missy, in the episode.

Broadcast History

The huge Bang Theory’s eleventh season featured twenty-four episodes broadcast in between September 2017 and May 2018. The display started the season on Monday nights through its season premiere ~ above September 25, 2017, before moving ago to Thursdays top top November 7. The season finale aired might 10, 2018.

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During the eleventh season, The big Bang concept was again the most-watched and also highest-rated scripted regime on U.S. Television. The large Bang concept was picked up because that an eleventh season as component of a two-season regeneration in 2017.