Since the unrest began in in march 2011 in the Syrian Arab Republic, countless women, men, girls and also boys have actually been impacted and suffered violations in ~ the hands of warring parties. End 5.6 million have fled the country and also 6.6 million room internally displaced, together of April 2018. Currently in 2016, the unified Nations approximated that 400,000 people had passed away as a an outcome of the conflict. Hundreds of civilians have actually suffered at the hands of brutal non-State armed groups, consisting of ISIL. Government forces and also affiliated militias have actually arbitrarily or unlawfully detaining 10s of thousands of people in official and makeshift detention centres throughout the country.Read more…


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The Independent global Commission of inspection on the Syrian Arab Republic was developed on 22 respectable 2011 through the human Rights Council v resolution S-17/1.The mandate the the the supervisory board is come investigate all alleged hurt of international human rights law since March 2011 in the Syrian Arab Republic. The human Rights Council likewise tasked the commission with creating the facts and also circumstances that may amount to together violations and of the crime perpetrated and, whereby possible, to identify those responsible v a check out of ensuring that perpetrators that violations, consisting of those that might constitute crimes versus humanity, are organized accountable. The human being Rights Council has repeatedly expanded the Commission"s mandate because then, many recently till 31 march 2021. Check out more...

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The commission of inspection on the Syrian Arab Republic invites individuals, groups, organizations, and also Member says to submit information and also documentation pertained to its mandate via the email or postal addresses below. In particular, the Commission would welcome:

Information worrying the facts and also circumstances regarding particular alleged violations and also abuses; Information worrying the identification of individuals, armed forces units, and also armed group entities responsible for such violations; and also Views worrying targeted references to duty bearers and also conflicting parties energetic in the Syrian Arab Republic to increase human rights protections and promote accountability.

Procedure because that submissions for consistent mandated reports:

The commission of inspection on the Syrian Arab Republic reports to the person Rights Council three times per year, v written reports prepared for the September and also March sessions, and also an oral Update during the June Session. The September mandated report consists the duration from January come June, when the march mandated report covers the duration from July to December.

Submissions for the September mandated report (covering events throughout the duration January-June) need to be sent no later on than 1 June.

Submissions for the march mandated report (covering events throughout the period July-December ) should be sent out no later on than 1 December.

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All submissions should be listed in writing to the email or postal resolve below, and must include

The call details because that the author(s) that the submission;Whether the submission, or any component of it, need to be treated confidentially.

The board of directors of Inquiry encourages contributors come submit information in Arabic, English, and/or French. Submissions in other official United countries languages are welcome, yet may take longer to process.

Note concerning submissions for special mandate reports:

From time to time, the board of directors is mandated through the human being Rights Council come conduct details inquiries and also produce immediate updates or complete reports. In together cases, commission of inspection on the Syrian Arab Republic invites individuals, groups, organizations, and Member says to send information and documentation regarded such distinct mandates as shortly as handy after the fostering of such mandates.