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Data native the U.S. Census Bureau present that there space 76.4 million infant boomers.

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There were actually a full of 76 million births in the United claims from 1946 to 1964, the 19 year usually referred to as the “baby boom.” of the 76 million infant boomers born, nearly 11 million had died by 2012, leaving part 65.2 million survivors. However, when immigrants are had (the variety of people coming into the United says from other countries, minus those moving the other way), the number grow to an approximated 76.4 million since immigrants outweighed the variety of baby-boomer deaths. The circulation of immigrants greatly increased after i of the immigrant Act that 1965, just as the baby boom was ending.

So one can use the number 76.4 million (or round it under to 76 million) to almost right the variety of baby boomers life in the U.S. Today. But keep in mind that of the 76 million babies were born in the joined States throughout the baby-boom years (1946 come 1964), only 65.2 million that those babies to be still lively in 2012, and the baby-boom period group (ages 50 come 68 in 2014) stood in ~ 76.4 million in 2012 with immigrants included in the count.

These 76.4 million infant boomers represent close to one-quarter that the estimated 2012 U.S. Population of 314 million. The choices they make about whether to retire or proceed to occupational will have actually profound effects for task openings and also Social protection spending. Follow to American neighborhood Survey data, around 68 percent of baby boomers were still in the labor force (including armed Forces) in 2012.

The Census Bureau right now projects that the baby-boom population will complete 61.3 million in 2029, as soon as the youngest boomers reach period 65. By 2031, as soon as the youngest infant boomers reach period 67 (the age at i beg your pardon persons born in 1964 can receive complete Social defense benefits), the baby-boom population is projected come be also lower, in ~ 58.2 million.

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The aging of the baby boomers is creating a dramatic change in the age composition that the U.S. Population. Projections that the whole older population (which contains the pre-baby-boom cohorts born prior to 1946) indicate that 71.4 million people will be age 65 or enlarge in 2029. This means that the elderly periods 65 and older will certainly make up around 20 percent that the U.S. Population by 2029, increase from almost 14 percent in 2012.