All text submitted through participants deserve to be highlighted and saved. Those saved excerpts have the right to be coded (or tagged) to organize the associated snippets for later review. We refer to this procedure as saving andcoding verbatim excerpts. It"s a core function of together it have the right to be performed anywhere you view text-based responses, including:

Saving and also Coding Excerpts

To conserve an excerpt, just highlight the preferred text together you would normally choose content to copy. When you let walk of your cursor, a menu will show up with Save Excerpt available as the first option (hit S as a shortcut).

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Once saved, you will certainly be presented a perform of codes the you can apply to the excerpt for contextualization and tagging purposes (this is optional). Friend can select multiple codes every excerpt and can likewise add new codes on the fly (with optional descriptions) native the Code publication using the Manage password option. Click Close to save your password selection.


Commenting top top Excerpts

comment made on an excerpt room backroom comments seen only by other Study Admins. They deserve to be used to start a conversation around the excerpt or supplied to make a note around the verbatim itself.

note you deserve to use
mentions to create a notice to various other administrators or to merely reference certain participants. Participants will certainly not be educated of mentions within backroom comments as they room hidden. Learn more about Mentions .

Excerpting video Transcripts

just like any kind of text-based response, you have the right to use the excerpting tool to conserve a verbatim indigenous a video"sresulting transcript. Because the excerpt is tied come the video"s response, there will certainly be a resulting video clip produced.

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This feature permits you come prepare coded video clip clips for export that deserve to be offered to placed together a participant highlight reel for example and also can be accessed in the Excerpts Report indigenous the study Admin menu.


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last updated ~ above October 25, 2021

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