Bedtime story that turn right into nightmares and also hallucinations the morph into reality - the latest K-drama blockbuster "It"s it s okay To not Be Okay" brings one v a journey of healing, learning, and also respect.

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The current craze neighboring the Netflix series needs no introduction. Certification actor Kim Soo Hyun that plays a psychiatric caregiver Moon gang Tae and also actress Seo Ye Ji as a children"s book writer Ko Mun Young, the highly-anticipated collection boasts stunning visuals best from the beginning.

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Using symbolism to overview pertinent issues such together mental health issues and developmental disorders, and making referrals to fairy tales and also children"s literature, each episode pipeline viewers through a puzzle the is wait to be pieced together. If "It"s okay To no Be Okay" is an emotional rollercoaster for both the viewers and the characters, the darker undertones of the series make it far from gift a romantic cliche.

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Aside indigenous the protagonists" unanticipated romance acquisition the facility stage the the plot, Oh Jung Se, that plays Moon Sang Tae, Kim"s older brother diagnosed through autism, is a lovable character who also highlights number of topics which space left untouched in our society. Be warned - spoiler ahead! finish up the collection before friend embark ~ above this.


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Not only does "It"s it s okay To not Be Okay" phone call a story the warms the hearts of readers, the original soundtrack the accompanies the collection is seamlessly woven right into the ups and also downs of the plotline. The ending theme "You"re Cold" by HEIZE is by far the most iconic song from the show.

HEIZE - "You"re Cold"

You’re therefore cold and you’re for this reason hurtfulBut i wonder why, i can’t let friend go

If a book’s ending was cold, i wouldn’t even read itWho would certainly smile while listening come a sad story?But strangely, I keep opening girlfriend upPage by page, i have fallen deeply as I read right into you

At the start of the show, Ko Mun Young bared her cold personality as someone who acts on impulse and also often provides violence to settle problems. As a children"s book writer, she attracted flak from parental of the youngsters who review her books and also caused mayhem at two press conferences - both situations of which Moon Sang Tae occurred to uncover himself in.



As a psychiatric caregiver, gang Tae had a soft spot because that Mun Young due to the fact that their very first meeting, together she reminded him of a girl indigenous his childhood days. In the moments whereby their gaze taken place to meet, "Breath" through Sam Kim start the scene together the lovers room starstruck by every other"s presence.

Sam Kim - "Breath"

You breathe in ~ meWith a sigh of my longing because that youIt provides my love flutterAs girlfriend breathe within me


At the end of episode five, viewers are presented to the cursed lock which Mun Young thrived up in because her childhood, in addition to a nostalgic flashback to as soon as Gang Tae yielded flowers to she doorstep as a child. As they uncovered themselves in a parallel case years later, "In her Time" through AKMU"s Lee Su Hyun floods the scene.

Lee Su Hyun - "In your Time"

After meeting you as soon as again

I’m finding the pieces of you that have been erased

Past the ache times

I’m holding top top you

I’m still living in your time...



While corridor Tae calms Mun Young down from a nightmare that her mother haunting her in she sleep, Park Won"s "My Tale" put an finish to her misery as she sobs into the arms of gang Tae.

Park winner - "My Tale"

When will you knowAbout these rising feelings?Every night, I read youBut I desire to review you againMy Tale



At specific junctures, Janet Suhh"s "In Silence" beginning to to fill the gaps once the gang Tae is at a loss for exactly how to resolve problems, especially when his brother is in a position of emotionally pain which the is can not to called with.

Janet Suhh - "In Silence"

Will you simply lay v meThere will be no fearsIf you only stay v me

Bare your soul to meHere ns stand for youStop crying her heartDays will certainly come for you, because that us



After being around Sang Tae, Mun Young beginning to expropriate him because that his personality flaws, despite society labeling him for being socially inept together an adult diagnosed through Autism spectrum disorder. Throughout the episodes, we begin to watch the transition in Mun Young"s personality and how the brothers have actually shaped her into a kinder human who to learn to recognize emotions.


Episode 11 ends on a light-hearted note, together Sang Tae speak the story that The Ugly Duckling. Sharp-eyed viewers may attract a parallel come his personal life, however, the ending scene depicts castle linking arms and walking together without anyone being left out. The step is join by CHEEZE"s "Little by Little".

CHEEZE - "Little through Little"

I wonder what’s exterior In that world

Night ns cried alone

Will they every be forgotten?

Even if it’s just a moment

Even if it’s a dream If I can be with you...



It is in ~ the finish of illustration 12 whereby viewers see the most radiant laugh on Mun Young"s challenge as she posed together Sang Tae and also Gang Tae in their family portrait. Gang Tae"s tear-jerking line "I"m not as well late, right?" as he walks right into the photograph studio dressed increase in a tuxedo is then followed by YONGZOO"s "Puzzle", a light-hearted song which symbolises the temporal happiness of your reunion.

YONGZOO - "Puzzle"

Cause you"re the reasons of mine lifeEverything is complete of you.It filled with to overflowing

Not even one thing.It can"t be completed there is no you.You"re the last piece.

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As the finale of illustration 16 unveils chin tonight, "It"s okay To no Be Okay" will live top top in ours hearts through its spectacular OST that reminds united state that emotionally pain, love, and also longing is all component of our journeys.