The man behind everyone"s favorite America-inspired hymn is now the topic of a brand-new special top top Fox Nation. The deep-dive, aptly dubbed "Proud to it is in an American: The Lee Greenwood Story," attributes family, friends, and also fellow artists—all the which research the iconic career of the patriotic country artist.

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Lee Greenwood, that penned and performed the signature song ‘God Bless the U.S.A.,’ join "Fox & Friends" Monday ahead of the release.

"It"ll it is in a the majority of interviews and things that come about before the writing of mine song, ‘God Bless the U.S.A.,’ and then the year following," Greenwood said throughout his appearance.

The singer-songwriter traces ago his American roots and also celebrates the nation’s freedoms in the brand-new special out today.

"My history, where I come native in California, being increased on a farm as a sharecropper, leaving for ras Vegas, Nevada, functioning in casinos for almost two decades at the age of 17 … left in ~ 37 to move to the state that Tennessee," Greenwood listed, "I"m life life to the fullest."

Originally exit in 1984 — having actually reached the seven spot on Billboard magazine"s Hot country Singles chart that year, and also even play at the 1984 Republican national Convention v President Ronald Reagan and an initial Lady Nancy Reagan in attendance - Greenwood"s fight song has regained popularity during times of nationwide strife or tragedy — such together the after-effects of the Gulf War and 9/11.

"Every solitary lyric in that song, if you yes, really listen come it, that is therefore powerful," Fox News host Ainsley Earhardt told Greenwood.

The Fox nation special, the singer echoed, provides a article to those that feel our nation is divided.

"We absolutely have to get together and also get unified," Greenwood said. "People questioning me, "We"ve been more divided than I ever can imagine." do you not remember the Civil battle or Vietnam, for instance? us will get through this. 2020 was just a different attack on America."

"Proud to it is in an American: The Lee Greenwood Story" is available to stream currently on Fox Nation.

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