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Yelp Of all the burger chains in America, the one through arguably the biggest cult following may it is in In-N-Out Burger, through Shake Shack at a nearby second. There space 295 locations of the beloved chain nationwide, and while it may show up as if lock all produced equal, some room superior to others. We’ve found the height 10 places of In-N-Out, ones the every dedicated fan should include to their must-visit list.

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The very first In-N-Out opened up in 1948 in Baldwin Park, Calif., a little stand with just enough room come prepare the burgers. Co-founder Harry and also Esther Snyder had a novel idea: permit customers come drive straight up come the restaurant, order with a two-way speak box, and be handed their meal without also getting the end of your car. The initial stand was demolished years ago in stimulate to build a freeway, but a near-exact replica was unveiled critical month, complete with antique kitchen equipment, and it’s end up being a significant tourist attraction.

In 1951, a second In-N-Out burger opened, and also by the moment that harry Snyder passed away in 1976, there to be 18 locations. His young Rich and Guy take it over, each proceeding to broaden the chain while preserving the strict quality and cleanliness levels the Harry implemented. Ninety-three places were open up by the time male passed far in 1993, and also there to be 140 once Rich passed away in 1999.

Today, the chain is run by Guy’s daughter, 31 year-old Lynsi Torres (née Snyder), and also while she keeps a short profile because that America’s youngest woman through a 10-digit network worth (about $500 million, according to Forbes) she doing a good job of carrying on her grandfather’s company.Her commitment come not readjust anything around the agency has paid the end in dividends, together the no-frills menu of burgers, fries, and also shakes all set with the freshest ingredients has bucked trends favor breakfast, i beg your pardon just about every various other chain is right now serving. All areas are additionally company-owned instead of franchised, and the must be a truck’s journey from distribution centers way that all places need to be west the the Mississippi, because that now.

While uniformity is one of In-N-Out’s most prized assets, the doesn’t typical that every place is exactly alike, and also some are superior come others. There’s the one that’s completely outdoors, for example, and also the two that additionally include company stores. Rather boast spectacular views, and others are notable just due to the fact that they’re there, in a ar where locals have actually been praying because that one for years choose Austin, Texas.Read ~ above to find out which In-N-Out Burger areas are the best.


Yelp/Adam S.

This clues is all about location, location, location. Just roughly the edge from Fisherman’s Wharf, this burger joint is hopping at all hrs of the day. Not only is it a an excellent place to carry out some people-watching, it’s additionally the just outpost of the chain that’s situated right on the water.


Yelp/Matthew O.

When this ar opened on 46th and Airport recently, lines stretched for hours to acquire in, and also some California ex-pats even melted tears of pleasure as they took their very first bite. Once it concerns food, Austin officially has actually it all.


Telp/Richard L.

One point sets this ar apart indigenous the rest: no drive-thru, a holdout from a regulation that didn’t allow drive-thru’s in the city. This serves to create more of a homey, restaurant-style setting than the others, with extr seating come compensate. It’s likewise right turn off the 57 and also close to Cal State-Fullerton, which provides it an sometimes fun, party-like atmosphere.


One of just a grasp of locationswithout a drive-thru, this one is known to obtain pretty packed but it likewise has one of the largest dining rooms the end of any In-N-Out. So set aside part time, grab a table, and also appreciate the sit-down experience.

This spacious In-N-Out is simply a stone’s litter away from mountain Buenaventura State Beach, and additionally happens to be closer to the Pacific than just about any various other outpost.

Quite perhaps the most unique In-N-Out in the country, this one has outdoor seating only. Employee members will certainly walk right up to your vehicle to take her order, and also there room plenty the picnic tables to take in the check out of nearby Mount Baldy and also a tiny airport. Not only is this among the most unique, it’s likewise one of the earliest around, part of the original growth outside the Baldwin Park.

Located smack-dab in the center of Hollywood, this high-profile location also gets significant props for managing the line super-efficiently, also using iPads to take orders of those waiting on line.

Not only located just off the the las Vegas Strip, this location also boasts a company store. Perfect for celebrating large wins and also drowning your sorrows ~ the big losses.

Draper, Utah might be just around the last location you’d intend to discover an In-N-Out Burger. It additionally happens to obtain much much less traffic than the others, bring about an virtually peaceful experience. Because it’s much less busy the staff has actually a little an ext time on their hands, so don’t be surprised if her order is brought directly to her table.

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Yelp/Winnie L.

Located right next door to the firm store (where you have the right to pick up tons of branded merchandise) and also the replica the the original, this is the chain’s flagship shop, a stone’s litter from whereby the first one was constructed all these years ago. Because that true fans of In-N-Out, that doesn’t gain any far better than this.