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The time has actually (finally) come!

After year of waiting, our dreams are currently coming true. That"s right, folks! The first two In-N-Out Burger places in Colorado room officially opening their doors this Friday, and we are past excited—we"re placing on our stretchy pants as we speak.

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Which 2 In-N-Out locations, you ask? The Aurora restaurant, located at14150 E. Alameda Avenue, and also the Colorado Springs restaurant, located at1840 Democracy Point.

"Beginning November 20, 2020, In-N-Out hamburgers, shakes, and also fries will be served in Colorado together the an initial locations open in Colorado Springs and Aurora,” officials stated.

In enhancement to the Colorado Springs restaurant, In-N-Out will certainly housea 97,900-square-foot circulation facility.

The restaurants will both have one drive-thru lane. At home dining is at this time unavailable, however each restaurant would certainly normally have the ability to seat 74 customers.All In-N-Out Burger areas are open daily from 10 a.m. To 1 a.m., and until 1:30 a.m. Top top Fridays and Saturdays. In ~ the Aurora location, drive-thru business will be accessible after 10 p.m., in accordance with local regulations.

An In-N-OutLone Treelocationis alsoset to open up by the end of 2020. Other proposed Colorado In-N-Out places includeCastle Rock,Lakewood, andFort Collins.

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Are you as excited together we space that In-N-Out burgess is opened its very first two areas in Colorado? Share her thoughts through us in the comments below.

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