The constantly hyped California-based citizens shop, In-N-Out is looking to increase further eastern of Texas v a location below in Tyler.

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Carl Arena, vice chairman of genuine estate and advance with In-N-Out, evidenced through an e-mail that the chain is working on the place stating that they very own “a an excellent property in Tyler.”

However,he was not able come be an ext specific around an opening date at this time, as the “project is still in the at an early stage stages.”

We think Tyler is a wonderful community and also we do hope to be there in the future but, in ~ this time, it would be far too at an early stage to talk about a timeline

-Carl Arena

In-N-Out, VP of real Estate & Development

According come the company’s website, In-N-Out right now has practically 350 locations.

This story is developing, check ago for updates.

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