A landscaping crew works Wednesday, Oct. 20, at the site of In-N-Out Burger’s 2nd Colorado Springs restaurant, east of powers Boulevard and also Constitution avenue on the city’s east side. California-based In-N-Out says it’s aiming for a November opening for the location.

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An In-N-Out citizens banner advertises beginning wages the $17 one hour, going up to $20.50 one hour, in ~ the chain’s second Colorado Springs restaurant that’s targeted to open up in November close to Powers Boulevard and also Constitution Avenue.

affluent Laden, The silverlakestyle.com

On Wednesday, crews landscaped sections of the restaurant site near Powers and Constitution, while other employees worked on light fixtures the hang native a patio covering, amongst other activity on the property.

The restaurant"s exterior, parking lot and drive-thru lane appear to be largely completed, and In-N-Out"s acquainted logo has been affixed come the building"s façade.

And yes, 2 crossed palm trees are currently visible follow me Constitution. Your significance?


Torchy"s Tacos collection for debut in Colorado Springs

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"It"s a Mad, Mad, Mad, foolish World," the 1963 screwball comedy, was a favourite of In-N-Out founder harry Snyder, according to the chain"s website. In the movie, personalities race to find treasure that"s been hidden under 4 crossed palm trees planted come resemble the letter "W." 

Crossed palm trees have actually been planted in ready for Friday"s opening of In-N-Out Burger’s second Colorado Springs restaurant, eastern of strength Boulevard and also Constitution avenue on the city’s eastern side. The crossed palm trees room a signature photo outside numerous restaurant areas for the California-based In-N-Out. Rich LADEN, THE silverlakestyle.com

"Because each In-N-Out save is Harry"s treasure, a legacy of planting overcome palm tree in former of most In-N-Out locations begins," a 1972 history page entry claimed on the website.

Palm trees — overcome or not — also appear on In-N-Out restaurant walls, record cups and merchandise, amongst other places.

Whether the actual trees endure a Colorado winter stays to it is in seen.

"We have planted palm tree at our new Colorado Springs location, and of food we’re hope we have the right to keep them healthy and balanced through the winter," Warnick said.

At the brand-new Colorado Springs location, an In-N-Out burger banner states the restaurant is agree applications for tasks that begin at $17 one hour and with the possibility to earn up to $20.50 one hour.

A landscaping crew functions Wednesday in ~ the site of In-N-Out Burger"s 2nd Colorado Springs restaurant, east of strength Boulevard and also Constitution avenue on the city"s eastern side. California-based In-N-Out says it"s aiming because that a November opening for the location.

wealthy Laden, The silverlakestyle.com

That"s a boost from last year, once In-N-Out advertised starting wages the $14.50 an hour, going approximately $17 one hour, because that its very first Springs location.

Because the a severe labor shortage, countless traditional, quick-serve and also fast-food restaurants nationwide have boosted salary to entice workers.

In one email, Warnick stated employees at all In-N-Out restaurants received raises in August.

"We are committed to maintaining a higher-than-average pay structure as one method to take good care of ours associates," that said. "Other important ways encompass treating ours associates choose family and doing every little thing we can to create and also support a positive and also enthusiastic work environment."

In-N-Out hopes to employ 60 or much more people in ~ its new Colorado Springs location, Warnick said. Most are hired as part-timers, and also some walk on to become full time after ~ they get experience, that said.

When In-N-Out opens up its second Springs location, the will sign up with a burger hub of kinds near Powers and Constitution. The liven intersection is part of the powers corridor, which is one of the city"s most famous retail areas.

Culver"s, A & W, McDonald"s, burgess King, Sonic, Bubba"s 33, Chili"s, Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom and also Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery are among the adjacent eateries that specialize in burgers or have actually them together a influential menu item.

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Wendy"s additionally are a quick drive come the north and also south, respectively. A franchisee for Whataburger, the Texas-based chain that"s expanding to Colorado Springs, potentially can have a restaurant throughout Constitution indigenous In-N-Out.

Founded in southern California in 1948, In-N-Out Burger has a cult-like following among its fans, that devour its never-frozen burgers that room made come order, hand-diced fries and also shakes made with real ice cream.

The privately owned chain has limited its development over the years, a strategy that has actually helped keep its popularity; it currently has much more than 360 locations in 7 states, which includes Colorado.

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In-N-Out announced in November 2017 that it would expand to Colorado. In enhancement to opened its very first restaurant at success Ridge a year ago, it built a distribution and also production basic at the breakthrough that will certainly serve its restaurants throughout the state.

In enhancement to its locations in Colorado Springs, In-N-Out has opened restaurants in Aurora, Lakewood and also Lone Tree. It additionally plans areas in lock Rock, Denver, Loveland and Thornton.