Fans the In-N-Out Burger have been salivating on society media end a report that the West coastline chain is broadening eastward.

"NO WAY!" one woman created in a article on Facebook. "Looked front to the West coastline trips because that the good eats," another poster wrote.

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"If this In-N-Out Burger concerns the Jersey Shore, I"m there every summer," a Twitter user said.

Unfortunately for hungry pan who"ve to be hoping to see the franchise ... It"s not coming East any kind of time soon, the agency confirmed Friday morning.

The report in The Odyssey, which had been common by a variety of people on social media, says the company was opening in Seaside Heights this summer.

However, the company, i m sorry has much more than 300 franchises in California, Nevada, Utah, Oregon and Arizona, simply recently opened a restaurant in Seaside, California, not far from Monterey Beach. The brand-new restaurant opened on the website of one old auto wrecking yard, not far from two significant hotel chains, consisting of an Embassy Suites.

That site summary is what made readers realize the Seaside Heights report remained in error: there currently is no Embassy Suites in Seaside Heights.

"OK, currently I"m depressed," one poster claimed on facebook after discovering of the confusion.

Will the firm ever overcome the Mississippi? Not any kind of time soon, the appears.

"Slow and also controlled expansion has constantly been part of our strategy right here at In-N-Out Burger," Carl van Fleet, vice chairman of planning and also development, said via email Friday afternoon. "We understand that the East coast presents countless exciting opportunities but our slow development plans will save us focused on just those six claims for at the very least the next few years."

"You specifically mentioned Seaside Heights and it does sound like that is, in fact, a rumor the may certainly be attached to our current opening in Seaside, Calif.," the said.

A September 2015 report top top says the 65-year-old privately owned agency makes that is burgers fresh and adheres to a strict policy on that, an interpretation all the its should be in ~ 300 mile of the company"s circulation facilities.

"At In-N-Out Burger, we make all of our hamburger patties ourselves and deliver them new to every one of our restaurants through our own shipment vehicles," van Fleet stated in that report. "Nothing is ever frozen."

Not everyone is disappointed.

"They"re anywhere Texas. And also I don"t get the hype. They"re no that good. IMHO," a facebook poster wrote.

( file photo, courtesy our California staff)

Is In-N-Out Burger coming To The Jersey Shore? sorry N.J.

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