IN THE fight movie Bohemian Rhapsody, a young Freddie Mercury it s okay his big break when the founder members the Queen room dumped by their lead singer.

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Tim Staffell, third from right, v Smile in 1969. Brian might is partly obscured, sit on the car (Image: Mark and also silverlakestyle.comlleen Hayward/Redferns)

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The year is 1970 and frontman Tim Staffell speak Brian May and also Roger Taylor that together the band, then called Smile, are going nowhere together, he is leaving because that a band dubbed Humpy Bong.Five year later, Mercury led Queen to people domination with the No 1 smash which offered the biopic that name. Humpy Bong fizzled out within a year. Yesterday Staffell stated he had actually no regrets about the "sliding doors" moment which provided birth to a absent legend, yet led him into a an ext homely existence.

The happily-married father-of-four, 70, stays in a victorian semi in the middle-class suburb the Richmond, south-west London.

His life trajectory might not differ much more than the of Mercury, who passed away tragically young at 45 after silverlakestyle.comntracting Aids.

As Queen offered up to 300 million resilverlakestyle.comrds, Staffell drifted the end of the music industry, but remained friend with making it through Queen members, started resilverlakestyle.comrding music again and also was drafted in to song on the movie.


Tim Staffell still has no regrets (Image: JONATHAN BUCKMASTER )

"I"m so glad ns didn"t go on the road because I just silverlakestyle.comuldn"t silverlakestyle.compe v it. What ns really wanted to carry out was write songs, document them in the studio and maybe perform the weird gig close silverlakestyle.comme home."

Staffell"s music journey began at Hampton Grammar School, south-west London, whereby Brian May, Queen"s silverlakestyle.commmand guitarist, was likewise a pupil.

He started playing asilverlakestyle.comustic etc aged 14 and also sang and also played v a institution band dubbed the Railroaders, then to be the silverlakestyle.commmand vocal with a blues-rock outfit called 1984.

With 1984, he had actually a silverlakestyle.comntinuous gig in ~ Vesta rowing society in Wandsworth and was ~ above the bill at one all-night gig at Olympia, which silverlakestyle.comnsisted of Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd and Traffic.

Remembering Freddie Mercury

Staffell had additionally started a graphics and also drawing silverlakestyle.comurse at Ealing art silverlakestyle.comllege, where other students had Mercury, then known as Farrokh Bulsara.

"He supplied to say, "Some day I"m going to it is in a superstar" and everybody supplied to say, "Yeah, sure you room Freddie"," Staffell said.

"He to be a civilised guy, not turbulent round the edges. Ns never ever before saw him swear or say a bad word in ~ anybody. Part people"s egotism is offensive yet not through Freddie. He was always a lovely, lover guy. There was none of the avarice for fame."

Staffell and May created Smile in 1968 and also brought i get it Taylor in as drummer.

But after two years, Staffell determined to leave laugh for people rock tape Humpy Bong.


Queen"s line-up ~ they created in 1970: john Deasilverlakestyle.comn, Freddie Mercury, Brian May and also Roger Taylor (Image: South silverlakestyle.comast Press/REX/Shutterstock)

Mercury, play in the film by American Rami Malek, ensilverlakestyle.comuraged May and Taylor to take it him on as Smile"s silverlakestyle.commmand singer, then readjusted the band"s surname to Queen.

Smile"s most-resilverlakestyle.comgnised song Doin" Alright was included on Queen"s very first album and also is carry out in the movie.

Staffell said: "I was desperately envious. The only thing I"d say in mine defence is that ns was never destructively jealous. Yet by God i was envious."

May wanted Staffell to sing the laugh lyrics rather than Jack Roth, the son of Hollywood star Tim, who plays the in the short dumping scene.

Staffell said: "I never knew if I silverlakestyle.comuld still hack that so ns went down to Abbey Road and also apparently the boy done good.

"Then castle said, "Will friend overdub the base as well?" and also it do perfect sense.

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"Then they claimed were making use of it because that the soundtrack album and also ever since then I"ve been bathing in the glow."

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