The Prairieland Detention facility is one of the newest ice cream detention facilities. The is located about 40 miles southwest the Dallas in Alvarado, Texas, and also it is designed to house 707 detainees including three dozen transgender migrants in a distinct wing.

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The detention facility will change the Rolling plains Detention facility in Haskell, Texas. The change means that individuals with cases prior to the Dallas immigration Court will currently be detained at this facility.

Due come its proximity come Dallas, immigration attorneys will now have more access come visit clients to pre pare your removal defense. If friend or someone you know has a case before the immigrant court it will be necessary that any type of documents or proof be sent out to this new facility so the you avoid any kind of delay, or potential an unfavorable impact, in your immigration case.

Many types of cases can it is in requested before the Dallas immigrant Court, consisting of Bond Requests, adjustment of Status, Cancellation the Removal because that Legal and Non-Legal long-term Residents, remove of conditions on Legal permanent Residence, Asylum, NACARA, and Voluntary Departure, among others. Several of these cases require the you present evidence the your continued physical existence and good moral character. Presenting eligibility for a case will require that girlfriend or your family attain documents and other evidence that will show you accomplish each the the factors necessary for that details case.


TO LOCATE: To determine if who you know is at the brand-new detention basic you can examine the ice Detainee Locator.


Call 817-409-3995 (24 hours a day) if you need information about a human detained that is housed in ~ this facility. The ICE ar Office key phone number is 214-424-7800.

When friend call, have actually the person’s biographical details available, including first, last and hyphenated names, any kind of aliases the or she might use, day of birth and country the birth.aDetainees cannot obtain incoming calls. If you require to contact a detainee to leave an urgent message, you must speak to (817) 409-3995 and leave the detainee’s complete name, extraterrestrial registration number and your name and telephone number whereby you have the right to be reached. The detainee will certainly be provided your message and also telephone number where you can be reached.

If the person is already in the Prairieland Detention Center, and also you would like more information around visits and placing accumulation in your account, you have the right to go to the center’s website.

If you think that girlfriend or your loved one might qualify for defense to removal (deportation), it is necessary that you comment on your situation with an skilled immigration attorney. Our legislation firm can administer assistance in your immigration case. We deserve to assess your eligibility for relief before the immigration court and can stand for you prior to the immigration court.

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If you have actually questions or would like to schedule a consultation with among our attorneys you re welcome follow the attach to schedule a consultation or contact 214-251-8011, 817-332-1100. You can also schedule a consultation by clicking in this link, then choose the closest office, and also Deportation-based consultation type (In-person/Skype/telephonic), and also then friend could select the day most practically to you.