In the previous century, dozens of people have claimed to have actually located the Ark. Most of these contemporary searches have focused on mountain Ararat in eastern Turkey.

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Ararat Anomaly

In 1949, photographs that the northwest next of mountain Ararat to be taken by a joined States knowledge agency. A large structure deserve to be seen jutting the end of the ice and snow. However, the object in the photos may it is in nothing more than a organic rock formation.


Ahora Gorge

George Hagopian declared that as soon as he was a young boy in 1908, his uncle took him up mount Ararat to the Ahora gorge area. Hagopian claimed they uncovered a big ship, and he go on that is roof. At the very least a dozen explorations have discover the Ahora Gorge due to the fact that then, however to date none of these adventurers has discovered the remains of Noah’s Ark.

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Durupinar Formation

This “Ark-shaped” formation lies roughly 15 mile from the summit of Mt. Ararat. It to be popularized through Ron Wyatt, who asserted to have found numerous artifacts in the vicinity come corroborate his claims. Frequently heralded as the stays of Noah’s Ark, the Durupinar site appears to be just one of countless similar-looking geologic formations in this region of Turkey.


“The mountains of Ararat”

The holy bible does no specify mountain Ararat as the Ark’s landing place. Genesis 8:4 claims that the Ark came to rest in the mountains of Ararat.


A volcanic Mountain

Mount Ararat is a dormant volcano that last erupted in 1840, and many much larger eruptions emerged during the post-Flood ice cream Age. How would a wooden structure survive being hidden by molten lava?


Nothing to view Here?

Despite many claimed sightings and evidences from mountain Ararat, it seems unlikely that Noah’s Ark has been uncovered in current times.

Other popular “Ark Sightings”

The bible merely areas the Ark ~ above a hill in the an ar of Ararat, dubbed Urartu in ancient times. As such, the is certainly feasible that the Ark came down on a hill other than the Mt. Ararat in eastern Turkey.


Mount Suleiman, Iran

A armed forces veteran called Ed Davis declared to have actually seen the continues to be of Noah’s Ark during world War II while he to be stationed in Iran. The website was further popularized through Bob Cornuke of base Institute in the beforehand 2000s.


Mount Cudi

Several ancient traditions specify mount Cudi, i m sorry is in the an ar of Ararat, together the resting ar of the Ark. Story were called of festivals being held where celebrants would pull pieces off the Ark to usage for great luck. There room no known traces of the Ark on this mountain today.


Noah pipeline the Ark

After sending out out a raven, Noah sent a dove to watch if there was dry ground. However it came earlier having found nowhere come perch. After 7 days, Noah sent it ago out and also it came ago with a fresh olive leaf in that mouth. And also Noah knew the soil was dry (Genesis 8:6–12).

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